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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Home Page

Welcome To Mary Beth's Fantasy

Imagine waking slowly from a most wondrous dream. You were a girl in that dream. You knew that even before you could see yourself or what you were wearing. Yet between that dream and wake comes awareness that you were not really a girl. You were simply a boy dressing, and pretending to be a girl.

You frown first, then smile. You smile because it was just a dream. A wondrous dream. It was so wonderful because you could be that girl. Dreams work that way because in dreams all that we impose on ourselves, while awake, can be set aside ... is set aside. That's the nature of dreams.

I dream such things here so I call this place Mary Beth's Fantasy. It's all about a boy (me) that, for most of his life, has dared to sit aside all of those silly rules, and dream such dreams. If you share such things, then please join me. If not, I'll understand and bid you good-bye. So the question I put to you now is do you wake fully, or close your eyes and go back to that dream?

If you are new here, Please Read the overview, or:



I've provided this somewhat lengthy overview so you can make your own choices about visiting, if choices need to be made: First I ignore most conventions I've grown up with. Some boys, against all of those conventions, taboos and rules, live at least part or of their lives within fantasies over not being boys. At least not all of the time.

I have, and continue to do so here! I also understand the concepts of male and female, and attributes such as masculine and feminine, as well as, those rules surrounding such notions. However, like many "like me" at the age of six, or thereabouts, I began ignoring much of it simply because it was far more fun than to do so. Remarkably, and in all of these years, so little of that has changed.

So there is this fantasy side that had a spark, and has been fostered, nurtured, and carried here. However, because of that fantasy, let me say first that his site and it's contents are

complete works of fiction,
(unless otherwise noted)

Names, characters, places, situations and incidents are either the product of this author's imagination or have been discovered and carried here to be used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. Where I have taken on material that is or may be copyrighted I've attempted to do so without violating those copyrights in context to my use. If that is not the case email me the particualars and I'll make the necessary adjustments.

This Site is Also Rated:

I've self-rated this site with SafeSurf as follows:
Adult Supervision Recommended

The following is what I chose: RECOMMENDED_AGE: Adult Supervision Recommended. PROFANITY is Subtle Innuendo. NUDITY is Non-Graphic or Artistic.  VIOLENCE is Subtle Innuendo as is INTOLERANCE.

I've also self-rated this site with the
Internet Content Rating Association - ICRA

Parents! If you have installed any of the basic Browser with filters, or are using Explore or Netscape and have set them to filter adult themes, then this site should not appear when your child is surfing the web.

On Other Topics and Presentations Here:

This site also deals fictitiously with males in costume (Cosplay) as either feminine males (Janegirls) or females. Females in all manner of ways, save genetics (Transgendered). Moreover I've created situations and imaginary roles, whereby the male characters are either transformed or dressed as infants or toddler girls which is sometimes referred to as role playing, regression, and/or infantilism. Some boys here will find themselves as slightly older female children which is referred to as sissification or feminization. Most often these scenes foster, enhance and/or promote a psychosexual drama between two or more individuals who are consenting adults. No actual children are depicted here and I would never condone that.

Mostly these images are imaginings of me. Me and those like me. These are fantasies of me as I have been, and, on occasion, still wish to be, in spite of the years gathering behind me now. Which, to put all of this into context, is not too unlike a book, magazine, play, movie or television situation dealing with fictional characters and/or plots of boys as girls. That concept is fostered constantly from an almost endless, and ever growing, media list going a long ways back now. Back actually to the 1950's which was when I first saw Uncle Milty in DRAG on Television.

So this is not an "adult content" site either since, by definition, there are no pornographic scenes, lewd suggestions, lascivious acts or nude images depicted here. I have also applied that restriction to those sites I've linked to. Although I should caution you that I can not sometimes guarantee what they've linked to, or have added since my last visit.

Moreover, this site is under creation by an adult for an audience that is adult and you should be there, by your legal standards, to be here. This scheme of things is not so much because of content, but simply because of my age and the age of my intended audience. An intended audience expected to be at least eighteen years or older, or if you are below eighteen at least be accompanied by a parent or guardian who can explain such notions to you.

Lastly, since your own particular life style choices, and fetish(s) may not match mine I'm providing you this somewhat lengthy introduction, as an overview and warning, so you are not surprised when you enter and of course so you can exercise your right to chose what you do next ....


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