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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Definitions Page

Terms And Definitions

Cosplay (KAHS-puhlay)
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Term short for "costume play" originating in Japan and referring to the common practice of dressing up as favorite characters at conventions, for participating in the masquerade in skits or just for fun. In America the act of dressing up can also reflect Halloween costumes and/or in costumes in adult fetish role playing (adult baby, little girl and etc.)

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A Janegirl is analogous to a Tomboy which, as you know, is a girl, young lady or woman who displays boyish or masculine behavior, mannerisms or dress that is clearly not typical of her gender. Therefore a Janegirl, as in my case, is exactly the same as that of a Tomboy. Simply put: A Janegirl is a boy, young man or adult male who displays "girlish" or feminine behavior as well as those mannerisms or dress that is also clearly not typical of his gender.

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Transgendered people are individuals of any age or sex who manifest characteristics, behaviors or self-expression, which in their own or someone else's perception, is typical of or commonly associated with persons of another gender.

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Role play involving infant-like behavior and/or dress such as diaper wearing, nursing, etc

Sissification, Feminization
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A practice desired by a male sub as in "submissive" of 'forced' cross-dressing and/or gender reassignment most often carried out by a top or dominate. Gender Play To dress up or take the role of the opposite sex during a scene.

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Emotionality, attitudes, orientations, or mind sets associated with erotic behavior or sexual fantasy life. Most healty adults develope fantasies for the mental side of sex to enhance the physical act of sex.

Milton Berle
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In 1950 Milton Berle (a comedian popularly known as Uncle Milty) became synonymous with the Golden Age of Television. Most unique about Milton and his show was that Milton often portrayed himself as a woman. Actually he was also the first man to appear as a women on national Television. This last is here because I've always loved the notion of returning to those good old days. I'd be a lot more like Uncle Milty if I had it to do over again!

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