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Of my time here
getting to know some of you
was best of all. Hugs
Mary Beth Sanford




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"Contemporary community standards,
predominant appeal test,
and limits of candor"
Overview, Arguments and Exhibits


Mary Beth's Closet, Sec 002
Giggles, Chuckles and chortles, Sec 003
Life Imitating Art, Sec 004
Mary Beth's Softspots, Sec 005
Girl's Stuff (Names, Games), Sect 007
My Golden Little Books, Sec 008

My Greeting Card(s): Section 010
My Calendar(s) Section 011
American Holidays, Section 012
Amazoom.Com Books, Section 013
TG Boy Scouts Of America, Section 014
New Years Eve Resolutions, Section 015
Fashions From The Fifties, Section 016
News You Can Use, Section 017
Time Before Halloween, Section 018
Boy Dolls For Boys, Section 019

Celebrated Look Alike, Section 020
Seasons, Section 021
Quote/Unquote, Section 022
Heroes and Heroines 023
Christmas Specials 024
Occupational Hazards 025
Bath And Beauty 026
A Season And A Reason 030
Just A Little Bit Country 031
Justice Served 032
Transsexual Television 033

Virtual Fantasies, Section 088
Shirley Temple Fan Club, Section 089
Christmas Wish Book, Section 090
Sew So Sweet Patterns, Section 091
Dreams, Section 092
Transgendered Paper Dolls, Section 093
School Rules, Section 094
Sister's Sissy Sister, Section 095

Boys In Girl's Costumes, Section 100
Boys In Formals, Section 102
Girl's Dance Costumes, Section 103
Disney's Princesses, Section 104
Boys As Dolls, Section 105

Mother's Little Domestic, Section 106
Boys In Nursery Rhymes, Section 108
American Transgendered Pageants, Section 110
International TG Pageants, Section 111
Story Book Looks, Section 112
Stills and Stunts Section 115

Fairies, Section 122
Dom Mom Products, Section 124
Dom Moms, Section 125
Dom Moms and I, Section 126
Here Comes The Brides, Section 130

Places To Visit, Section 197
Places To Shop, Section 199
Interesting Sites To Visit, Section 198

Tales From My Crib, Section 201
Tales From My Old Crib, Section 202

Mars Needs Sissies!
[Original, Section 204]
[New, Section 205]

DVD Remakes, Section 206
Betty's Pub, Section 210

I'm a Pearl

My Inspirations, From Other Sites, Section 300

Contributions From Others - Guest, Section 301
Christeen's Place
Claudette's Story Site
Daphine's Secret Garden

Sketch Book, Section 302

Sissies Without Borders, Section 306
Society Of Sissies, Section 307
Birthday Celebrations, Section 400

About Sissies, Section 600
Archives, Section 700


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