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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Life Imitating Art - Mark Williams

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Life Imitating Art
'The Accidental Englishman'

I was alerted to this article and images by "Zoe" and I thank her for that. It appeared in the Taipei Times by Jules Quartly, Staff reporter, on Saturday, June 21, 2003, page 16. The photos were provided by Mark Williams and he has a web site promoting his upcoming book or the interest in his book, of that same title. He does have a web site you may visit with additional photos.

As the article notes; "Born Taiwanese but abandoned in England aged six, Mark Williams has been tracing his story..." What is remarkable and why some of it is here is because Mark, at the age of five, was smuggled out of China dressed as a girl.

It is not a happy story given that he was abandon at the age of six nor were his struggles from then to adult very heart warming, but then again he is writing a book and has since discovered a past he had thought he'd lost. I would suspect this to be a great book when it releases.

Of course the concept itself is fascinating and what is even more remarkable is that it appears that this disguise was maintained for some number of years as evidence by the age difference between the two photos: One, the first, is in Athens with is father and his father's mistress, the other a few years older. He looks almost old enough to be a teen or at least three to four years older than that first photo.

It's been noted that the second image may, in fact, be a cousin and not Mark although the author's page still identifies it as one of him. It could be a type-o.

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