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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Life Imitating Art - Court Ordered

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Life Imitating Art
'Court Ordered Petticoat Punishment'

I came across this article some time ago and again just recently. We often think that petticoat punishment (forcing males to wear female clothing) is one of those so-called urban legions. Fact is it does occur and in support of that statement, here are the facts.

COSHOCTON, Ohio; ABC news, date unknown.

Don't cross Municipal Court Judge David Hostetler, or you may end up cross-dressing.

After convicting two men of throwing beer bottles and denting a [woman's] car, Hostetler gave Jason Householder, 23, and John Stockum, 21, a choice between 60 days in jail or an hour-long walk down Main Street wearing dresses, make up and wigs.

Both decided that putting on women's clothing would be less of a drag than wearing jailhouse orange jumpsuits, and served their punishment last Friday.

Householder chose a basic black ensemble that the fashion police might approve: a black skirt and coat and a black wig. Stockum wore a red wig, a red dress and a fur coat.

"It was pretty good," said deputy court clerk Rhonda Wright. "You couldn't get up and down Main Street [because of the crowd watching them].

The judge noted that over-crowding local jails had inspired him to consider unusual alternative sentences.

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