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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Girl Names

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Girl Names


What is a girl?

There are two kinds of girls: Those that were born girls and those that become girls. When I was growing up and discovering that I liked being a girl more than a boy, defining a girl at that age was really very simple. Girls wore dresses and boys wore pants.

Girls played with dolls, skipped rope and played jacks. Boys played with army men, climbed ropes and played marbles. So to be a girl one simply did what girls did or wore what girls wore and almost as important had names that seemed to match what they wore. Girl's names.

Mine came one day when I was dressing in a neighbor's dress for Halloween. It was a very pretty dress and I got to wear a slip and had snuck on a pair of her panties and was feeling very much like a girl that afternoon as mom dressed me.

So I asked: "Mom, what would my name be if I had been born a girl?" "Mary Elisabeth Sanford. Mary Beth! For short." Mom said. Her best friend was named Mary and Elisabeth (German spelling) was my great grandmother's name. So on that All Hallows Eve in 1953 I became Mary Elisabeth Sanford or Mary Beth and have been ever since.

So I thought that it would be nice if there was a list (from Abigail to Zooey) of girl's names so those that might chose to become girls (and temporary is OK) could take a peek at what mothers have been using since "my day" and all the days thereafter.

Is yours here?

Note: The list of girl's names is endless ... Mine isn't.
Please don't email me if yours is not here. Thank you.

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