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...Or, everything I really needed to know about being a girl
I learned in Kindergarten.

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When you become a girl, as a guy, all of those delightfully feminine things girls must inevitably learn about are just as wondrous for a guy. As wonderous as it would be for any little girl. It makes no difference our age simply because we must also take those same basic awkward steps and for the same reasons.

Knowing about such things as lingerie, dresses, makeup, style, movements and mannerisms are all as mysterious for us as it would be for that pre-schooler or young lady experimenting with mother's makeup or getting her first pair of heels or nylons.

I didn't realize it until I began learning to cross dress for those trips out was so different than those behind closed doors. There is so much to know and it dawned on me one day that I was learning about such things the same way a young girl would.

Lessons that had to be learned and having as much fun as any girl might - More most likely. When I finally did become adapt at much of it I forgot what it was like to be "new". I forgot what some of you may be experiencing now.

Thus the reason for this section I call My Golden Little Books On Cross Dressing. I call this that because some of what I remember of my childhood came out those cute little golden books. Books that taught me so much about so many things. They were "life's primers" and it's appropriate that this section takes on that same look and feel.

If you are new at this don't be embarrassed because of that newness but revel in each new step and remember it. You're about to become what you've always dreamed of and what better cause for a smile. Besides, how can you ever hope to become a big girl without first understanding how that little girl began....

My Books
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My Panty Book

My Bra Book

My Slip Book

Where else might a boy begin than where you begin when you dress.

It seemed so odd and so wonderful to look down and not see my feet. I had breast! Or at least a bra.

It took only a moment after putting my mother's slip on to know where the term "slip" came from.

My Little Reference Pamphlets

My Breast Pamphlet
My Dress Size Pamhplet

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