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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Holiday - September - Skip

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Labor Day

This page and story was originaly developed on September 2002

"Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation by, for and of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country."

Founder of Labor Day

About Our Labor Day Holiday

Labor day began in 1882 when the holiday was proposed. Some say it was Peter J. McGuire, general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners. Others say it was Matthew Maguire, a machinist, who proposed the holiday while serving as secretary of the Central Labor Union in New York.

The first demonstration and picnic was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882 in New York. The first state bill was introduced into the New York legislature, but the first to become law was passed by Oregon on February 21, 1887. Congress passed an act making the first Monday in September of each year a legal holiday in the District of Columbia and the territories.


A Boy Named Skip And His Labor Of Love


"Labor Day!" Skip sighed as his brain caught up with an intruding alarm of his clock. A holiday no one pays much attention to unless you get it off or your pay jumps to time and a half if you work. No one perhaps except Skip as his feet touched the cold floor of his room. Skip hated Labor Day.

Skip hated his holiday bubble bath and the pink razor he used to bring his legs smooth to the touch and he was meticulous about that because his aunt touched. His aunt would be up in two hours and the little glass bell on her nightstand was always on the stroke of eight. Skip was up at six. It took that long to transform himself into, as his aunt put it, "a lovely French Maid worthy of the title.".

Skip's maid uniform was satin and he'd spent an hour last night ironing it on a soft heat under a damp towel. He was meticulous about that as well because his aunt also checked his skirt. She checked everything and that included everything. His petticoats of which there were two not counting the little layer of slips attached to his dress. His bloomer style satin panties with the French lace ruffles and his stockings that had a seam running straight down the back of each leg. At least that seam had better run down the back of each leg.

He wore his dark brown wig and tied it off with a length of white satin ribbon that his aunt favored. He might be dressing as a French Maid but she still preferred something of the little girl she liked. So his black patent Mary Jane shoes while designed with a slight heel also had the classic straps across his instep. Everything would be checked and once again he took a look at his nails. Those, in a light pink under a coat of sparkle, he'd done the night before. He left his toes in just the pink.

His makeup took longest for obvious reasons but at least he was doing that himself these days. For a time he had to face the humiliation of walking into Martha's Hair and Nails for his weekly lessons on makeup before walking back to his aunt's for her inspection and blessing. He'd gotten smarter after a couple of close calls with a group of construction workers when Martha suggested at least a more girlish top for those days.

He did as she suggested and even added a pair of light pink flats he carried in his backpack; and, while those construction workers still hooted and shouted at him they at least thought he was a girl after that. It was six weeks before his aunt finally said he could do his own face. Although he still had to shop for his lingerie as Skip and while it got better he never got over the looks he'd get when he went into that store, or that question one day from the girl helping him pick a slip when she asked: "Do you have a boyfriend?".

He thought of those things and what he'd endured for the past year and a half and wondered what his friends were doing as he checked himself in the mirror one last time. His friends were catching the last of the Sun as it raced away to Winter. His friends always asked if he wanted to go and he always said no. Holidays were for family he'd say in his defense. Holidays were for his aunt he'd think to himself. Each holiday had a different outfit but each almost the same routine as today.

Get up, get dressed, fix breakfast, set the tray and wait patiently for his aunt to ring that crystal bell on her nightstand. He was Skipper on these days. Skipper was Barbie's little sister and he only knew that because that was one of two dolls he got for Christmas in that first year.

He got a number of things he didn't share with his friends that year. Barbie and her sister, a new pair of black and white patent Mary Jane shoes, lace socks and a new party dress for his birthday. A light pink bathrobe with "Little Princess" on it along with a Barbie nightgown, furry slippers in pastel pink and a whole bunch of stuff for girls and bathrooms. Part of his training she'd said after finding her panties under his bed.

One lousy pair of panties and his world had changed. Of course he only had to wear the diaper and plastic pants to bed and she only insisted on that so he didn't do "that" anymore. The rest she simply added day by day. First he needed his own panties and those, she made a point of saying, he'd wear. Other things followed and each a "learning experience" since he favored "girlish things".

For most of his days he was Skip and as normal as any of the other guys he hung with. For most of those days he was a boy. On the others he was Skipper and she was his aunt's little sissy on those days. That's what you call a boy that likes girlish things she'd said the day she invited him shopping for his first "holiday" dress. Thankfully it was close enough to Halloween that he could have a reason to be in a store like that getting things like those.

Unfortunately even Halloween didn't cover some of "those" things and the looks started the instant he walked red faced into the changing room for his first party dress. Halloween was special she said because you could spend the day as a little girl and no one would be the wiser. As if! He'd gone to her work place that first time and looking very much like a young girl dressing as a little girl making a lot of the guys he passed very nervous.

He was too pretty one girl said and she too wondered if he had a boyfriend because she knew a guy she said that sort of liked guys that looked like he did. He'd said no and left the girl's bathroom far redder than when he'd entered and that was almost impossible. It was one of his worse days because he helped the secretaries on that day with filing, and errands and that included using his little girl's baby carriage to deliver mail.

It was while pushing that little carriage that gave a hint he wasn't simply dressing for Halloween and no guy, according to the rumors at the water cooler, wore panties like that. Not if they were guys some guy said which would have been ironic had the other guys he was saying that to saw what he was wearing. He might have tried dating Skipper had he not been so closeted but that was life.

Meanwhile, as Skip pondered those days and this one, he was doing his utmost to keep everything in place for his aunt's breakfast in bed and the bell that would soon tinkle from behind her door. Two eggs soft boiled and in silver cups, two pieces of toast with the edges trimmed and two strips of bacon cooked slowly to a light brown. Orange juice, coffee and today's paper that didn't get picked up from the lawn until he was dressed.

Skip hated holidays he thought as he picked up the serving tray. His aunt was awake and ready for her day as Skip carefully, and with as much femininity as he could muster, made his way to her room. His first pat would come just before his aunt started her morning meal and the last would end just before he waddled to his room for bed after she'd confirm he was wearing his "baby diaper and little plastic panties".

It was already Labor Day Skip thought as he reached his aunt's door. Labor day and a whole house yet to be cleaned and then Skip paused a moment before his knock letting his smile fade.

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