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Mary Beth's Fantasy - American Holidays - January - Steve

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New Years Eve

About Our Holiday

"Happy New Year!" As the saying goes, and it goes back 4000 years (about 2000 BC) to Babylon. New Year then, was an eleven day celebration over the first New Moon (first visible crescent) after the Vernal Equinox or first days of Spring.

Rome and the Romans took their holiday in late March until the Roman senate fixed their calendar in 153 BC declaring January 1 as their (and our) new year. The Julian Calendar (our modern version) began in 46 BC by Julius Caesar.

The tradition of using a baby to signify the new year began in Greece around 600 BC to celebrate their God of Wine - Dionysus. A baby was paraded in a basket to represent the annual rebirth of that God as the spirit of fertility.

This was also true of the Early Egyptians who also used a baby as their symbol of rebirth. The German's version (going back to the fourteenth century) brought us our modern use of a baby with a new years banner.

Which then leads me to this years celebration, and some of the reasons Steve found himself laying on the diaper his landlady had talked him into wearing for the New Years Eve party. Actually that diaper and those pink plastic panties had been intended for a young lady who had suddenly backed out.

Steve New Years Eve Resolution

Ms. Evens had no intention of exposing Steve's little pastime to the world. The fact was she wouldn't have even known about his little fetish had he read her note she posted on his apartment door rather than toss it on the counter as he had. She'd made it clear that day, when she saw his diaper and plastic panties hanging in the bathroom, that it really wasn't any of her business.

While she did think it odd for a young man choosing to sleep that way, she could, on an intellectual level, understand that wearing diapers as a young boy might be carried on into adult. However, that really had nothing whatsoever to do with her request for him to be that years New Years Eve baby for the party. It was just that since he was already use to wearing a diaper and plastic panties anyway, it seemed perfectly reasonable that he'd be less uncomfortable than most.

Besides, it was hardly more than a costume giving the reason, and while pink wasn't really a boy's color it did fit the overall scheme of things giving that only women would be attending. Truth was she wouldn't have even asked if that young lady that was suppose to be the baby hadn't backed out. So there it was and there Steve was and Ms. Evens smiled as she twisted open the baby powder.

As it had been in the past this years New Years Eve Party for the National Organization of Nurses and Care Givers was a tremendous success. Steve was some of the reasons for that as he greeted the women at the door in that first hour. By Ms. Even's account Steve's bottom had been patted well over a hundred times that evening. Steve had also received at least a dozen request to change him right then and there and at least six willing to change him anytime.

All of which left Steve, as the evening wore on, and by his forth drink, growing somewhat use to the attention. It was, if fact, one of the reasons Steve found himself waking in his landlady's bed that morning on New Years day. Actually by the time Steve returned to his apartment his landlady had changed him seven times and his little fetish had quickly evolved into a life style. It wasn't exactly what Steve had wished for the new year but then again Ms. Evens had.


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