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Mary Beth's Fantasy - - Cell Block "B"

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Cell Block "B"

She was Boss to those working under her. Mom to those of us in "B" Block. She took your clothes, then your dignity and six months minimum on good behavior. I would learn quickly what "Good" behavior really meant.


Chapter one

I was in line getting whatever it was they give you to wear in jail. Only two hours ago I was sitting at the table with the DA, my lawyer and mom. I was pleading down the felony grand theft auto to a misdemeanor joy riding. I'd see daylight nine months from now.

It was one of the officers that stopped me during my slow walk through processing. "You want to ask for "B" Block." She said. I nodded not knowing why or if it mattered.

"NEXT!" A large woman said as my turn came. She was holding a clip board and had flipped two pages over. I moved up watching her eyes. She was looking at the other officer that had said "B" block.

"I was told to ask for "B" block ma'am." I said as respectfully as I could.

"That was my thought as well." She said flipping through a couple of pages before finding the one she wanted and added: "Sign there!"

"May I ask what I'm signing?" I asked.

"A waver! Different kind of uniform for B-Block. You have to give us permission to wear that one. If you don't sign you go into the common area. You, as pretty as you look, don't want to go into the common area." She said.

I signed.

"I'm taking this one through the orientation process myself!" The woman said.

"Gotcha Boss!" The woman said smiling.


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