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Is he a girl? Is she a boy?

Matthew's American cousin, Sam, has come to London to live with the family. Sam is a charismatic, funny kid, but can he be trusted to be a reliable friend? Matthew and his "mates" decide that Sam must undertake a challenge in order to prove himself: he must start off his new year at their school posing as a girl. It turns out that Sam makes a great girl. He fools everyone and has an electrifying effect at Bradbury Hill School. And the longer the prank goes on, the more hilarious -- and serious
-- the repercussions.


This brilliant novel shines a laser-sharp beam into the perilous
territory of early-teen life, in an unforgettable story of chaos,
confusion, and cross-dressing.

Boy2Girl by Terence Blacker (Macmillan)
Catagory for unders 5s, 6 - 8 years, 8 - 12 years.

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