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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Transgendered Scouts Of America - Boy's Life

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Boys Life - Alternatives
Transgendered Scouts Of America

Growing up a scout taught you a great deal about all sorts of things. Some of it still in use even after all of these years. Boy's Life, the magazine was read cover to cover and back again. Unfortunately it didn't teach a boy that wanted to be more like a girl hardly anything. It is also obvious as the Boy Scouts begin converging with other hate groups that they would most likely never allow gays or transgendered boys into their ranks. So the Transgendered Scouts Of America and their own publication Boy's Life - Alternatives has taken on the responsibility of teaching all of the things the Boy Scouts still teach plus reintroducing a lot of the once cherished and more basic human values they've begun to ignore.

Boy's Life - Alternatives for March introduces some interesting topics that a transgendered boy will find useful. Like: Camping in ruffles! You don't have to give up frills to rough it. Taking Barbie with you! Boy's Life - Alternatives takes a look at the wonderful new Barbie Tent and Accessories. Nightgowns or pajamas? That was the question posed last month to subscribers. Which is better and why? Some interesting feedback on why boys still prefer nightgowns even in the wild.


Boy's Life - Alternatives for April brings back the basics for Spring. Bird watching kicks it off, and naming flowers that are beginning to bloom will add two Spring merit badges. Also in this issue, as visions of camping unfold, the age old problem of washing dainties in the field is taken on. An easy to make Pinafore is our first Spring project and taking care of insect bites with your makeup foundation makes this months issue a necessity.

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