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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Transgendered Scouts - Merit Badges

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Transgendered Scouts Of America

Merit Badges

Merit Badges are those small testimonies that a scout is forever learning and developing. A Transgendered Scout has additional tasks to perform simply because he's chosen a more difficult path than boys less braver than he. The following merit badges are the Transgendered Scouts basic badges.

Laundry Merit

A Transgendered Scout must know how to do the wash. More specifically his new dainties. Washing panties is not the same as washing shorts. To earn this merit badge a scout must show his mother or another female he knows that he's proficient in doing his dainties.

Sewing Merit

A Transgendered Scout must learn to sew. Basic fabrics first, then lingerie fabrics. To earn this merit a Transgendered Scout must complete one basic sewing project.

Shopping Merit

A Transgendered Scout must be able to shop for the household. This includes both food and non food items and how to deal with coupons. He must also be able to purchase his mother's or sister's feminine products as well understanding the differences between brands.

Reading Merit

A Transgendered Scout must learn to read books and magazines most often not typical of what a boy reads. Five books from an approved list are required for this merit. Your first should be Little Women.

Cooking Merit

A Transgendered Scout must be able to cook for his family. You must cook at least four different meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus four different deserts for the dinner meal.

Ironing Merit

A Transgendered Scout must be able to iron his own dresses and dainties as well as his sister's, mother's or aunt's. At least to days must be set aside for that task to earn this badge.

Cleaning Merit

A Transgendered Scout must be clean and so must his surroundings. To earn this merit you must learn to clean as your mother does and a top to bottom effort is the only way this badge is earned.


Now, wasn't that more fun than learning how to rub two sticks together

Mary Beth Sanford, Scout, Out!

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