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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Transgendered Boy Scouts Of America - Uniform

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Transgendered Scouts Of America


If your uniform doesn't have this seal
It's not an officeal TSOA uniform!

The scouting uniform, as one scout leader once put it, is the very image of an adventurous young man. It's that very same view of a Transgendered Scout uniform that I've captured here. In a word, the Transgendered Scouts Of America uniform definately reflects that very image of an adventurous young man.

An image in keeping with the image of Transgendered Scouts - obviously.

So what scout, worthy of the name, wouldn't be adventurous wearing such things?

...And a TSOA scout always wears his uniform with pride.

A scout's uniform starts with the basics. Transgendered Scouts also start with the basics and what can be more basic that what you wear under your uniform.

 The TSOA scouting uniform begins with the official TSOA lingerie
Bra & Panty Set

The TSOA panty and slip set goes with the basic
 Prissy slip

Those basics can be worn with our simple TSOA Summer Dress
 Day Dress

The TSOA Meeting Uniform

Remember, it's not an Official TSOA product without the TSOA seal.


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