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Drag Net!Drag Net Catches Boy In Drag!
By Tom Hicks
Daily County News and Review

In a bold attempt to foil a police and security search, a young man, being chased for shop lifting, dons a dress and attempts to walk past mall security. "It was his shoes!" A member of Mall Security noted. It was, in fact a member of Mall Security who noticed the little girl that actually turned out to be the young man. He was taken without any resistance at the exit door.

"You don't see many boys in frilly dresses that don't look like boys!" The security guard noted who added: "I've got a daughter and she would never wear tennis shoes with that sort of dress."

Jeffrey Sands was apprehended in little girl drag just steps from the exit after being chased through the malls inner loading area. He had just enough time before exiting and took that dress to wear as a disguise. "It was actually pretty clever and fast thinking in some ways. Had he changed his shoes to match that Daisy Kingdom dress he might have made it! Although I'm not sure what he would have said to his mother?" Detective Robert Carson noted.

"He was small enough for the dress to fit and his long hair hanging loosely around his shoulders was more than enough to allow him to fit a little girl's profile. Unfortunately he didn't have time to change his shoes." Officer Max Mendel said standing beside his car with the boy now sitting in the back seat.

The dress, taken from a rack ready to be moved into a store, provided the boy with the opportunity and he snatched one before changing behind a stack of boxes. All he did then was take the rubber band from his hair fluff it up a little and exit back into the mall now dressed as a little girl.

Mark Allison, Mall security, was the one with the sharp eyes who noticed the tennis shoes below the dress and it's pinafore. District Attorney Martha Evans said, in the middle of their laughter, that they would add the theft of the dress to the CD game he'd taken from a music store. "Because of the dress we're charging him with a 'pretty' theft instead of a petty theft so we might ask the judge that he continue wearing dresses as part of his sentence."

"The boy will be arraigned tomorrow and tried as an adult since he's eighteen. We've also asked that the boy appear in the dress he took for identification purposes during his arraignment." ADA Evans noted. It was noted that he'd left his pants and shirt at the scene and those were taken in as evidence.

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