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That Time Before Halloween

Halloween is, for most, just a single day or night event. An odd day to some, a fun day to others. But, by and large, just that odd celebration before the rest of Winters holidays. On the other hand there are those who see it as a significant holiday. A celebration unique unto themselves and me, and my reasons for this section. It's not just a single day simply because there are all the days leading up to it. So what you'll find here are all of those days leading up to it.

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[Matthew] [Brad] [Steven] [Mark] [Mike] [Pat]
[Terry] [Tim] [Brandon] [Carl] [Bud] [Billy] [Jack]

Jerry: It was just at the beginning of August when Jerry was caught by Ms. Everett.

Chuck had to have a reason for being in his cousin's room when his aunt came in.

John would give an arm for any one of those dresses as he unpacked them. That wouldn't be necessary!

Bobby: The bet was simple. She would mow the lawn for the rest of the year, against Bobby doing one day at selling her lemonade.

Matthew: A boy buying a dress as a costume is not nearly as bad as a boy buying a dress because Matthew likes them.

Brad is going to be Shirley Temple for Halloween. The fact that she's making his costume now is only because it gives her more time for the details.

Steven is going to his aunt's again and again it's on Halloween. That means dresses again as well.

Mark had nearly gotten caught taking that outfit but his mother bought his story. Only she hadn't.

Mike is going to be Cinderella for his Land Lady. Actually, it's going to be for more than a day.

Pat was dressing as Shirley Temple for Halloween. So was his friend Mark.

Terry's landlady and her sister have the perfect outfit for Halloween. It goes will with the panties he took.

Tim: All she wanted was one picture of Tim dressed as Alice. Just one!

Brandon is going as Little Bow Peep. Actually it was his first dress because what she really wanted was a sissy.

Carl's boss got a costume big enough to fit her. Another came with it small enough to fit him.

Bud's aunt caught him three years ago stepping into a half slip. Thankfully it was just before Halloween.

Billy's aunt is holding a mask. A girl's mask. She tells Billy it's magical and he laughs.

Jack's aunt hated war and allowing Jack to dress as a soldier bothered her a lot until she found the G.I. Barbie costume.

David's aunt doesn't want him to dress as a girl if he doesn't want to. All she's asking him to do is consider doing so. Trying on the outfits, she argues, isn't the same as going out in them.... now is it?


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