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Itty Bitty Boys
Dolls for Transgendered Boys
He's Ideal Because He's Almost Real!

I began a thread at Betty's Board on designing special dolls for special boys. These are not girls and not truly boys either. Kind of like itty bitty boys just for the record because they are more like girls or often more feminine. What follows are images based, in large part, on the feedback from that thread. My thanks, as always, to those who continue to contribute to my fantasies! Hugs!


He's My Baby (image)

I've started this section with the basic doll beginning with He's My Baby doll. A lot of transgendered males not only enjoy being feminine or female but they will often regress as babies or toddlers or simply little girls still in diapers. This first doll is an imaginary playmate for those boys. The He's My Baby doll is a basic doll that comes with his first basic outfit: "I'm a Gerber Baby" bib, pacifier, white cotton diaper with pink diaper pins and a clear pair of soft plastic baby pants.


He's My Baby Clothing Sets and Accessories



He's My Little Girl (image)

This second doll is for that boy who knows, deep down, that he's a girl - Just like his doll! It is a basic doll again with "just the basics" on. This doll is a starter doll for the boy who often finds himself standing at the closet, not sure yet what to wear. For this version I've also included a pretty wig braided and tied off with pink ribbons into bows. There is a satin training bra with matching pink panties under a basic taffeta little girl's slip. All that's missing is his dress, shoes and socks.

He's My Little Girl Clothing Sets and Accessories




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