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Boy Dolls For Boys

Dolls for boys isn't new nor unique. However, Dolls for Transgendered or Transsexual Boys is and that's what this section shares. These dolls are still boys but they are Transgendered dolls for Transgendered Boys or Transsexual dolls for Transsexual Boys. Frankly these are so much more fun to dress and accessorize than say G.I. Joe or any other boy's action figures!

Itty Bitty Boys
Designed Special By Boys For Special Boys

Barbie's Ken
AKA Transsexual Ken

Ken is all dolled up in his favorite gown and accessories in this Barbie doll Look-alike set I've labeled "Enchanting Evening"

An enchanted evening though must first begin with the basics so I've added ken's basic set of lingerie.

Barbie's Kevin
Transgendered Kevin

A proper little girl begins with those those so proper to wear under a pretty dress. Like his uncle Ken Kevin first needs the basics.

Boy Dolls Books And Accessories

SoSewSissy Sewing Book

This months addition covers Halloween costumes for boys and their dolls

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