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"That picture? The one on the mantel with the girl in the pretty snow suit? She's so adorable! She really looks a lot like Mike! Is she related?" Chris asked as she dropped a second cube of sugar into her tea.

Carol laughed and nearly spit out the sip of tea she'd just taken.

"What did I say?" Chris asked.

"That picture." Carol said trying to gather her composure and wipe the small amount of tea that had escaped and reaching her chin.

"What about it?" Chris asked.

"That pretty girl IS Mike!" Carol said.

"Mike? Our Mike? No! Not Mr. I'm all boy? No! No way! That's got to be a girl! That can't be Mike?" Chris said rising to take a closer look as she said: "Seriously?"

"Seriously. That was taken the day before we left to return home. We were headed into town to shop for something that Mike could wear home. If you think that's cute you should have seen what he was wearing under it.

"No! This is too much of a strech already!" Chris said.

"Honey, give me a second to find the other pictures and I'll let those do the talking for me. Truth is he wore nightgowns to bed, dresses when he wasn't outside and some of the cutest panties a girl can wear. He was so damn cute it would have amazed you." Carol noted as she got up.

A moment later Carol returned handing Chris a picture that was clearly Mike in a Babie nightgown holding, of all things, a Barbie doll.

"He looks so happy! He looks like a little girl in these!" Chris said as she went through a dozen photos.

"He'll deny it but if the truth were known he enjoyed those things." Carol said.

"That's not his hair right? The one with him in the snow suit?" Chris asked.

"No! A wig. We were going into town and he worried that someone would think he was a boy so Rose found a play wig he could use." Carol said.

"OK, so now that I'm properly blown away, tell me how you got him into these things." Chris asked.

"Started with a landslide actually!" Carol said.

"Landslide? Good heavens, where?" Chris asked looking shocked.

"Landslide just before my sister's place." Carol said and added: Let me start at the beginning."

"Sis has a large cabin about two thousand feet above the snow line. Beautiful place and even prettier with the snow covering most of the ground. She was up there to spend a week cleaning out the attic and spend time relaxing and invited Mike and I to visit.

Her daughter Sandy was suppose to go with her but needed to study for a final. So sis called me and I invited Mike. As it happens, there is a very pretty view of the falls about two miles from her cabin and we had stopped there before taking her road.

I wanted to get a picture of this georgious rainbow formed from the mist. We had walked about two hundred feet North of where we parked so I had a clear shot of the water and started shooting. Suddenly there was this rumble and when we turned towards the source of the sound we saw the landslide.

Mud, snow and rocks took the car, most of the landing and a good chunck of the road. I had my purse but neither of us even had jackets. We now had just what we were wearing when we got out of the car. Made it to my sister's place and she got through to the county.

They said three days minimum, most likely four to even get something passable. Said they needed to cut into the mountain to get past the slide damage. The timing wasn't critical because we were already planning for the weeks stay. Food and water was OK and the only thing missing was things for us to wear.

My sister and I are pretty close in size so I wasn't going to have a problem but Mike, as small as he is, wouldn't even fit into our things. He would, however, fit into Sandy's. That came from my sister who said a lot of Sandy's Winter clothes were in the attic. Sandy's Winter clothes before she was even a teen.

Of course he said no instantly and we left it at that for obvious reasons. Unfortunately the over and under washer dryer was broken or so we told him. Just for the record, I'd unplugged it. I wanted another reason for him to wear those things so washing was out of the picture. So, him spending a week in the same shorts, shirt and jeans wasn't going to work."

"Why unplug the washer and dryer?" Chris said.

"Same reason my sister and I picked through the clothes! I just thought it might 'soften' him a bit. Don't ask me why but I did, and it started when I saw that adorable snowsuit and those Disney Princess boots. So I told my sister what I was going to do and did it." Carol said.

"So then what?" Chis asked nodding her understanding. As small as Mike is he's got the ego of a giant and a little humility was going to be good for him. Chris reasoned to herself that she would have most likely done the same thing.

"Then we gathered a few things we decided he should wear and simply put them into the room he was going to use. It was obvious that even if he didn't wear anything else he'd need a jacket and at least a change in his underwear." Carol said.

"Panties?" Chris asked snickering.

"Power Puff Girls and Disney Princess Panties no less. A few camisoles, couple of slips, dresses, a cute lavender jacket and that snow suit. There was a nightgown, two actually, a cute quilted pink robe and slippers." Carol noted as she remembered what was there.

Only took a day for the panties, because he had to change into something clean. That same evening he wore that pretty lavender jacket to gather wood and that night he finally settle into wearing the nightgown and robe. Actually he only wore the robe at first, but it gets cold in the bedrooms since the only heat is the fire place so he added the nightgown. At least that's what he said.

I think he was worried about being teased so we stayed pretty quiet about things and just sort of made everything seem casual. Next day he wore that snowsuit and boots to gather more wood and play a little. We had chosen only that snow suit for pants, but everything else we laid out was dresses.

He wore the bib pants that day in the cabin but they are very warm and soon after he went back to the nightgown and robe after a while. I think he realized that it would be practical to wear one of the dresses and since we were not making a big deal of it he felt safe.

That evening he wore a dress and sweater, but no slip. Only I think he chilled because we both noticed he came back a short time later with the slip on. I started taking those pictues covertly then. That little play dress was his first. Can you imagine him fitting into a girl's ten dress?" Carol said.

"I wouldn't have, no matter what the sizes, but now I can. He looks so sissy in those things. Now why is it that turns us on like it does?" Chris asked.

"I've thought about that as well. I think it's the feeling of superiority we suddenly get when a male is just as suddenly not looking very male nor dominate. At least that's how I felt when I saw him in that dress. Wanted to take him right then and there - on my terms." Carol said.

"Did you?" Chris asked.

"Not really on my terms, but close enough that night. He was in his Barbie nightgown and pink robe and panties as we were turning in. I followed him to his room and suggested he come to mine and of course he did. He took the opportunity to tell me he wasn't feeling very macho - obviously - and I teased him into taking the bottom.

I think that night was the turning point for him because by morning and right after his shower he was he went right into one of the dresses. Wore the slip as well and a pair of Cindy's flats. He had to stuff a bit of tissue into the toes even. Gave me goose bumps when he came out of his shower already dressed and this was just the third day.

My sister had the wig and we did his transformation as a kind of play thing that night. Got him into the wig, makeup and some brief lessons on how to sit, bend and even curtsey. It was very light hearted fun but I was having goose bumps over that look of his. So was my sister as a matter of record. Also for the record he kept that wig and makeup on till bed time." Carol said wistfully.

"That why he wore the party dress?" Chris asked.

"More or less. The road crew had made it through and there was a tow truck driver with them who pulled my car up. We got our clothes and over night bags and they towed the car into town. My sister was going into town to get milk and a few things leaving Mike and I there.

I kind of hinted that I wanted to play since we were alone. Oh, and he had put the wig on with his dress when the road crew drove up. They assumed he was a girl since he was in that pink snow suit. That's the picture of him with his arms out.

Anyway, didn't take all that much to got him into that little party dress and we did play. Takes an hour and a half to get into to town and we were exhausted by the time my sister came back. This is also the funny part. Seems the guy that towed the car is going to need me to come in and sign papers to total the car. My insurance company is going to let me rent something and I suggest Mike goes with me. It's going to be in the morning.

Of course there is no way he says, but I can see he's not that paranoid over it and before long I'm doing his face and wig again and we're off. We get into town and I sign the papers and there is Mike looking every bit the little snow bunny he's dressed as and not a bit hung-up about it. I think he's having as much fun with this as I am.

I ask and he confuesses that he is and that's when I decide to take some of those things back with us. My sister doesn't care since she was going to donate most of it anyway. The whole back seat was full of girl's clothes by the time we left. Come on and I'll show you his closet." Cindy said.

"Your kidding?" Chris said.

"No a bit." Carol said.

They were looking at a third of Mike's closet now filled with dresses and a couple very frilly ones that Chris touched. "Has he worn this one?" She asked.

"Last night!" Carol said happily.

"I can't believe this?" Chris said.

"I know! Hard to imagine but there it is." Carol said.

"You know what's really wonderful about this?" Chris asked.

"What?" Carol answered.

"He's never going to outgrow these things." Chris said wistfully.

"Is that a turn on or what?" Carol asked.



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