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Christmas Tree Angel

OK, then tell me this? If Christmas Tree Angles are both guys and girls, because angels are suppose to be both guys and girls, then how come they always look like they are dressing as girls? Can't answer that right? Right! So if you can't answer that one, then you won't be able to tell me why it is that angel guys have to wear dresses in the first place?

Oh I know what you're going to say! Those are not really dresses. Those are gowns! Angle gowns! Right? Gowns my bottom (forgive me)? So who ever heard of a guy, angel or not, wearing gowns? And since when do angel guys wear slips under those gowns? Are those guy slips? Is that what they are? Guy slips and angel guy panties? Right! Give me a break!

So, just because I'm singing the solo at church and it's the last song our carolers sing I've got to be the stupid Christmas Tree Angel! That's what I said! I'm the damn (forgive me) Christmas Tree Angel. They're building the giant living tree in the far right hand corner like they did last year only this year, thanks to my aunt, I'm doing a solo.

A solo and the last song so I get the top spot. Seven layers for the choir to stand on. Twelve on the bottom, then ten, eight, six, four, two and the Tree Angle! Me. So I'm at the top of that living tree and guess what you put on top of a damn (forgive me) Christmas tree? That's right! A stupid Christmas Tree Angle. And Christmas Tree Angels got to have "fuller" gowns so they fit the tree's form or so my aunt says.

Everyone is wearing gowns my aunt says! Right? But not everyone is wearing a bridal slip under their "gown". And no one, not even the girls, are wearing those satin pantaloons under that slip! If I'm a guy angel then how come I've got lace around my underwear? Tell me that! Can't, can you?

That's a slip auntie. A slip under skirts auntie! Skirts as in dresses, OK? That "so called gown" has a skirt and under it a slip and under that those satin pantaloons and you're telling me that's what guys wear? Not this guy! Who would want to be an angel if you've got to run around holding your dress up just to climb steps? What kind of angel is going to gather his "skirts" before sitting like that?

That's what I said? You see, it's a really big deal this Christmas pageant so we spend the last three weeks rehearsing and that's "dress" rehearsing because the paster's wife likes to "see" her choir performing. She also wants to be making those small changes she likes fussing with. So when we practice the ladies, married to the guys making the tree, make dinner each night. It's a big deal those few weeks before the pageant.

It also means I'm in that "gown" every night from six to ten! Six to ten and that's not counting my bath and the trip to church. Yes, a bath! My aunt says you get "cleaner" in a bubble bath. And that trip! Man oh man is that a sight to see! I mean it would be if I wasn't that sight they're seeing. There is my aunt all nice and pretty, and looking like a proper church going woman and then there is me.

You can't tell what I am because I'm covered in sparkle satin taffeta! Oh, and if you are standing there watching me get into the car you can catch the lace on the slip as I lift my skirts. You can see it because my aunt got it at a bridal store. And if you are looking real hard you can see the lace around those pantaloons I'm wearing. So while you can't tell what I am you can pretty much take a guess, and with me looking like I'm looking, it's going to either a girl or some kind of sissy. I mean how many people are going to guess Christmas Tree Angel?

Besides, angel or not, no guy I know is going to dress like that! Not while they are alive that is! Maybe they will when they become angels, but sure as hell (forgive me) not before then. Right? Right! So I'm the exception. Fine! So I'll be the stupid Christmas Tree Angel this year and that's going to make my aunt happy.

But if that's the case then I'm wearing the panties! I can you know! I mean those are not really panties. Sure those are panties when my aunt wears them, but definitely not when a guy angel wears them. Those are guy angel underwear! I mean, like my aunt says, if that's not a dress, and that's not a slip, and those pantaloons are not pantaloons, then my aunt's panties are not panties!

So how do you like those apples?

Anyway, if you are nearby, or happen to stop in at our church say hello. You'll know who I am because like I said, I'm this years Christmas Tree Angel and I'll be right up there at the top of that tree. I'm the one smiling so joyfully!

Post Script

Stan's aunt found the panties almost four months ago. It's one of the reasons she made his costume for Halloween and of course why he went out as a girl. It was also why she talked the paster's wife into letting him sing that solo, and, of course, be this years Christmas Tree Angel.

It was a delightfully pretty dress made of sparkle satin taffeta and lined in taffeta with a tulle skirt on top of that. The petticoats she bought at a bridal store and those pantaloons she made out of white satin lined in nylon.

She also purchased a package of twelve panties and had those neatly folded in the laundry room. The pink pair came up missing within a day and the lavender pair two days later. The rest she put into her panty drawer on top of her panties.

She adored her nephew and some of it because of that feminine side of his, and who better to perform a solo dressed as a Christmas Tree Angel than a young man about to start learning how to be a girl?

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