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Just Another Girl With A Doll

OK, it's all set! I've loaded everything in the trunk and you simply tell your friends that you'll be watching the parade from your aunt's house. When we get there I'll unload everything and take it next door to Ms. Avery. She's going to leave the back door unlocked so you can go through her yard and into the house. That way no one will see you go in!

Ms. Avery, is going to help you get dressed, and the lady picking up the rest of the girls, Rose, already has Susan's address. Rose also knows what's going on, and she's going to tell the other girls that you've got laryngitis so you don't have to talk.

Rose takes you and the rest of the girls to the assembly area. It's not that far from where she's got to park and you'll be with five others before meeting up with the rest. You get on the float and simply ride it out holding the doll. It's maybe an hour and a half to two hours tops.

Rose is going to have the car waiting at the end of the parade, and you hop in, come back to Ms. Avery's house and change and No one is the wiser. With your hair done up and makeup you'll look just like one of the girls. Besides, you'll be nearly at the top of the float so no one is going to get a good look at you anyway. OK?

Look honey, I know you don't want to do this but I didn't plan on your cousin getting stuck either so hang in there for me OK? I also know that it's the panties bothering you most. I wish I had more time to make the dress longer but honestly I don't and unfortunately the panties are part of your cousin's outfit.

Besides, if you think about it, it's going to help hide things a bit once your tights are on so I'm afraid those have to go on as well. Now go get into the car and I'll call my sister and Susan and let them know we're on our way.


"Hi sis! Yes, it's all set. He's petrified. Of course I did. Last night I had him try everything on. He was adorable. You should have seen his face when I brought the dress over his head. It was priceless. Of course! I shot a whole role of film from his ruffled panties to his giant bow at the back.

Great! Between you and me that will make it two roles then, not counting the shots with Santa and the other girls. Are you kidding? I didn't say a word about that and don't you either.

No, he thinks he's just going to ride the float and hurry back here to Susan's place to change. It was all I could do just to get him this far. If he found out he'd be actually going into the mall with the other girls, and for pictures with Santa, he'd die of a heart attack.

Anyway, this should keep him from teasing the girls anymore. So, that about covers it. I'll see you and the girls at the mall. We can get lunch and explain all of this to him there while we wait for the pictures to develop.

No, he'll have lunch! I mean where is he going to go? By the end of this day I'm guessing he's going to be a very well behaved young man. Love you to. Buy!

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