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Sissy Boys Blue Grass Band!

"So, what's your point man? It's fifteen hundred dollars. For fifteen hundred dollars I'll wear whatever that woman wants me to wear." John said and added: "Besides, we already did that once. If you remember, it's how we got this gig!"

"So you're OK with that dress part?" Chuck asked looking at Steve.

"Hell no, but it's three days work at top dollar so I'm good with that!" Steve said.

"Well?" Sandy asked of Chuck who had just gone silent.

"I guess we're in. So tell me again how she knows about that night on Halloween?" Chuck asked.

"Evidently she was in the hotel when you guys played for that party. Says it's the cutest thing she's ever seen and she liked your music as well. She got the name of the coordinator at the hotel who had my name and I made the deal." Sandy said.

"So it's little girl dresses or what?" Chuck asked.

"Same sort of look as the one you had at the party so I'm going to say yes to that. A bit more formal and you'll be dressing the same as the band but I'd say it's little girl stuff again." Sandy said.

Chuck nodded. He too couldn't see any down side other than he'd be in dresses for three days.

It ended up being a bit longer....

Chuck, John and Steve were picked up in a very expensive car with a drive and a woman who introduced herself as a secretary. Fifteen minutes later they were in a little girl's boutique getting fitted for the clothes that they'd be wearing for this party. Five outfits each for each day. A bit extravagant but according to the woman paying it was hardly a drop in the bucket for her employer.

Their staterooms were the smallest on the large yacht, but still plenty big and very elegant. Chuck sat in his room wondering how he got himself into this as he looked at the ruffled panties to the dress he and the other two would wear.

Chuck was a sissy head to toe as he took a breath and walked out into the hall. His friends laughed at him and he at them as they made their way to the large room where they would be playing. They'd been set up in a corner on a small stage with a backdrop that read: "Sissy Boys".

"This is going to be very embarrassing!" Steve said as he gathered his skirts and sat down at his drums.

"Tell me!" John said lifting his base from the stand.

"Keep focused!" Chuck said picking up his guitar and moving it away from him when it caught his skirt. A moment later Chuck said: "and a one, two three....."

Helen, standing across the way smiled at the three boys dressed as little girls and looking very sissy because of it. It was going to be a very successful reunion given that the only males on board would be dressed female. The servers themselves were dressed as french maids. She smiled as the guest began walking in to listen to the band.

"That lead guitar is adorable looking in that dress!" Susan said walking up to Helen.

"Very!" Helen said.

"Now where were these boys when we began dominating men?" Susan asked as she watched the young man singing.

"I know. Always did like the little ones myself. As it happens these three were dressed as little girls for a Halloween party of all things." Helen said.

"Too bad we can't keep them dressed that way for the cruse!" Susan said.

"We can! Actually as soon as they left their staterooms I had the stewards pick up their boy clothes. Nothing in their rooms but their little girl stuff." Helen said smiling at her best friend.

"Now tell me you didn't forget diapers and plastic pants?" Susan asked.

"Just ring for the steward later and tell them which boy you've got staying with you. They have their sizes and can deliverer whatever you need." Helen said.

"You've thought of everything. Best reunion I've been to so far or will be." Susan said.

"You'll still have to talk them into your room on your own." Helen said.

"You talking to me?" Susan said as she set her sights on the young man playing the guitar.

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