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Chatworth Detention

At Chatworth's Boy's School the focus was on academics. It excelled at that goal and one hundred percent of it's graduates went on to collage. To be a student there was almost a guarantee to success. To consider risking a career for one single day was unthinkable so no boy refused to take their detention.

To refuse your punishment was an automatic expulsion - no exceptions, no excuses. If you choose not to take the detention, you simply were asked to leave. Skip, short for Skipper, knew that, as did every boy and, like every boy in Ms. Bloomfield's class, you knew you'd get detention for getting caught talking. He cursed himself for the risk he'd just taken as Ms. Bloomfield wrote out his hall pass.

He also knew this was going to be the most difficult thing he would most likely face for the whole year as he handed Ms. Carter Ms. Bloomfield's note.

"Four hours? Now you should no better than to talk in Ms. Bloomfield's class Skip!" Ms. Carter said getting up from her desk.

"Yes ma'am!" Skip said as he waited for Ms. Carter to pass him before following. Detention was next door to Ms. Cater's office and Ms. Carter waited at the door for Skip to enter.

"Go ahead and pick something from that section!" Ms. Carter said sliding the closet open. That section were all the clothes in his size. Skip looked at the dresses hanging alongside of each other trying to decide on the least frilly. Rumor had it you didn't chose sometimes and that the frillier dresses were picked for you.

Skip chose a light green jumper with a full skirt hanging with a white blouse. Ms. Carter nodded as Skip handed it to her and said: "Grab that last slip by the end there!"

The panties were hermetically sealed individually as per state guidelines for underwear. The ones he'd wear were white with a light lace trim on the legs. The slip was also trimmed in lace as Ms. Carter moved to the bathroom so Skip could change.

"Go ahead and get dress and I'll go get you lunch." Ms. Cater said after Skip moved into the bathroom with his detention clothes.

Skip started with the panties resolved to the fate awaiting him. He also knew that within an hour he'd be wearing a diaper or at least that was the rumor. No one knew for sure and the boys that had done detention refused to talk about it. The slip followed and Skip fixed the skirts before putting the blouse on. The jumper was last and he buttoned that close from the front. Skip returned to the room to find a pair of socks and a pair of shoes to fit.

"Now that fits you lovely. Here, I've had the cafeteria pack you a lunch in this cabbage patch lunch pail and I've brought an extra milk with a couple of cookies for your snake break. There are crayons and coloring books on the table, some dolls in the cabinet and a few toys you can play with.

There is a couple of cuddles, a sleeping mat and a baby's blanket also in the cabinet. You must be down for a short nap no later than one. I'll be back in a while to check on you." Ms. Carter said as she fussed with Skip's collar.

At lunch time Skip opened his Cabbage patch lunch box and removed the peanut butter and jelly Sandwich. He could just fit on the little chair at the table.

"You've got to love this?" Ms. Carter said as she peeled the top cover from her microwave lunch.

"Always have! Ms. Bloomfield said as she took another bite of her own lunch. The other teachers, all women as it happens nodded in agreement as they watched Skip on the monitor.

It wasn't an coincidence that only women taught at Chatworth's because that was the way the founder Ms. Abby Chatworth had designed it. That was easier than most things to accomplish simply by designing the uniforms to include a skirt, white blouse and modest heels as a requirement.

The law simply stated that if the uniform requirements were applied "equally" there was no discrimination. The last man and, as it happens, the only man to file a lawsuit lost and, of course, quit when it was clear that he'd be teaching dressed as a woman if he wanted to continue at Chatworth.

"Is that dress new?" Rose asked bending a little closer to the monitor.

"Yes actually. I found it in a boutique just a week ago. I liked the full skirt." Ms. Carter noted.

"It is cute!" Rose said going back to her magazine.

"Well, it's time!" Ms. Carter said after she finished her lunch.

"This is going to be his first diaper!" Ms. Bloomfield noted.

"I know. Skip has never been in detention before." Ms. Carter said as she bused the remains of her lunch.

"Guess I'll be getting back!" Ms. Bloomfield said as she rose. Classes started in another ten minutes and she'd seen more than enough boys diapered in her ten years.

"I'll see you after school then!" Ms. Carter said as they kissed lightly.

Meanwhile... Skip was looking at his options and wondering about the rumor. His only hope was that they were just rumors.

"Skip! I'm sorry to have to say this but we are required by school policy to diaper those on detention before their naps. By law I can't legally ask you if you have accidents when you sleep so this policy was set up to avoid us having to ask and risking a potential mess. So, I'm going to ask you to simply leave your panties on and just lay down on your nap mat." Ms. Carter said coming into the room.

The rumors were true and that became obvious when Ms. Carter opened another cabinet and removed a neatly folded diaper from it. There were three stacks of diapers and below that shelf another three stacks of baby pants. Skip rose from the small table and chair and moved to the mat.

Ms. Carter helped him when he lifted his bottom by gathering his skirts and slips before sliding the diaper under him. She pinned it closed with two white tipped diaper pins and spent a moment gathering the clear plastic panties. Those took a noisy few minutes to be put in place.

Skip stood for the adjustments to the baby pants, slips and skirt before she allowed him a moment to pick a cuddly toy and his baby blanket for his nap. He returned to his mat and lay down with some bit of instruction from Ms. Carter so he didn't wrinkle his dress.

"I'll wake you at two so you can return to your class." Ms. Carter said closing the blinds of the only window in the room which connected to her office. Skip nodded. It took a second to recognized the pacifier she handed him and no thought at all to what he was to do with it.

He was nursing on the pacifier as Ms. Carter closed the door. Skip, when he returned to class, would also keep silent about what happens in detention; although, he would share a knowing look with the other boys that had gone into that room before him.

Skip, looking up at the window only to make sure it was dark, smiled as he moved his hand along his skirt to it's edge. He found the elastic of his baby pants and spent a moment moving a finger over the soft plastic. He smiled. The rumors were in fact true. Now all he needed to do was figure out how long would be long enough before he would risk another day in detention.

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