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Photo Shoot

Helen wanted a model which flattered Frank a lot or had until she noted why. Helen owned a portrait studio started by her father right after he returned from Korea. It was a good business and she enjoyed the work. She also specialized in custom portraits, often using costume pieces.

Helen's father and mother had been collecting vintage clothing for years, so the collection was extensive. Helen, as well, had added her own bits and pieces to the collection and that was how she met Carol. Carol was an author. Carol was willing to pay Helen a sizable amount to illustrate a book, through photos, that she was writing.

The book, A History of Petticoat Punishment, was due out in the Spring of next year Helen also noted. If Frank was interested Helen said, Frank could make a modest amount of money for very little work posing for Helen and this woman Carol.

Helen's plans, she noted, was to shoot after hours so she wouldn't tie up the studio for regular work. Mostly Friday night, Saturday night and Sundays when it was normally closed. Helen could promise him $120 a week cash.

For Frank that was about twice what he was getting working at the fast food place where Helen first talked with him. Helen suggested he work as an independent consultant for her so she could pay him cash that way he could take care of his own taxes - on not! And she added that last with a wink.

Posing in dresses wasn't Frank's ambition but not slinging hamburgers wasn't either, so it didn't take long for his yes. Frank also knew why he was picked, but he had long ago gotten past the fact he looked more like a girl, without trying very hard, than most girls.

They were going to start with the early eighteen hundreds and work their way to modern times which fascinated Frank because he always believed such things were myths. Urban legions of some sort and definitely not modern which made Carol laugh when he mentioned it.

Petticoat Punishment and Petticoat Discipline were very active life styles and some of the reasons Carol was taking so long with the research. Carol was just now getting to know a few couples that exercised such things in their lives.

Carol, she noted in that first meeting with Frank, would be posing as the dominate. Carol ironically did dominate Frank relative to their sizes which Frank saw as an advantage given the scenes they would be posing in. There were worse ways of making a living while going to collage Frank decided.

Frank's thoughts on that came to an exciting conclusion that first Friday night when Carol came out of the changing room wearing seamed nylon stockings, spiked heels, a black lace trimmed pair of pink tap panties and a very sexy black corset. Frank's outfit started with satin bloomers, a large taffeta and organza petticoat under a red satin dress topped with a black satin cape and bonnet.

Helen had done his makeup taking before and after shots with and without a couple of wigs. Frank wasn't all that comfortable posing as himself, but Carol promised him total anonymity when the book was published. They could also NOT publish those particular pictures if that was Frank's wish, Carol noted.

What can be said at this point was that Frank nearly skipped back to his dorm room that night when the photo session had ended. Fifty dollars cash which wasn't all that much except it was for posing in satin for nearly all of it. He had worn a pair of regular panties so the lines didn't show under the bloomers to offer a bit of support.

He had been a bit shy over that part but threw, his hang-ups aside for the sake of those pictures and his curiosity. Posing in satin does something to a guys psyche he decided. Frank also spent some of his time, before bed, playfully day dreaming he was that young man being punished by Carol.

Of course Carol and her step sister Helen were also day dreaming of Frank as their young sissy and most of that simple because he was, or soon would be. He would be as Carol and Helen's brother had been. He made quite a sissy when they shared some of those memories in their father's studio during those hours when it was closed.

Their poor brother rarely got to pose in those Civil War uniforms, or for that matter boy's underpants. That had sort of changed when they caught him playing in Carol's clothes that day. Carol was larger than her step brother and sister and although her clothes, when she was younger fit her new step brother almost perfectly.

After the girls caught him, their playing dress up took a turn, and most of what Steven wore after that was what Carol and Helen liked wearing. Carol was definitely the dominate and Helen loved being the photographer like her father. It wasn't too soon after Carol started teasing her brother in front of the camera that Helen realized she was a voyeur in their roles.

Which went on for years before Steven married and move to the opposite coast. Ironically Steven married a woman not too unlike Carol. Meanwhile, the girls were having lunch one day when Frank asked them for their order.

"I thought he was a girl!" Carol said as they found a table with that order.

"Me too till he spoke. I'm having hot flashes!" Helen said.

"Me too. Takes me back to those days with our brother!" Carol noted.

"He was so damn girlish back then!" Helen said smiling over those days and her bother's transformations.

"I'm thinking of writing a book on that?" Carol said.

"A book?" Helen asked.

"A book on petticoat punishment and discipline." Carol noted.

"What made you decide to write a book?" Helen asked amused.

"That young man that just took our order, and having a good reason to get him to pose for us!" Carol noted.

"Oh now wouldn't that be wonderful!" Helen noted happily.

"It could be! So what do you say we set something up for him?" Carol said glancing over at the pretty face smiling at another customer.

"I say we iron out the details right now!" Helen noted.

It took them the balance of their lunch to finish working out a plan for Frank, and it was Carol who did the research on the young man they had targeted. Carol had followed him to his dorm and found his name in the year book. The rest was fairly simple. That was a while ago now.


It was going to be a wonderful book if Carol ever sat down to write it she mused, while looking over the roughly three dozen images of Frank, a few weeks later. Helen had nodded her agreement as she added a bit more lace to another pair of bloomers for this Friday's session. These were shorter, but so were the dresses in the forties.

"Might consider a sequel as well!" Carol said laughing.

"A sequel?" Helen asked smiling at her sister's smile, but adding in a bit of confusion: "What can we write about after petticoat punishment?"

"I'm thinking someone needs to write about Diaper Discipline someday!" Carol said with a snicker.

"Oh you are so wicked!" Helen said savoring the images she began forming of Frank laying on a changing pad as her sister powdered him! They were nice images as she added: "Would make a great book!"

"That's what I was thinking." Carol noted in almost a whisper.

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