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Just Clowning Around

"I was just clowning around!" Chuck said as his mother calmed the girls. Chuck alsways said that when he was caught teasing his sisters. Funny thing was Chuck was always almost clowning around. Making people laugh was in his nature his mother once said and his sisters really did adore him. Except of course for today after that stupid April Fool prank.

Remarkably, Chuck was learning the art of juggling and getting pretty good at it. He could also tie a dozen decent looking shapes out of those string ballons and, to his credit, often brought more cheer to a room than anyone else anyone knew. What his mother planned wasn't really punishment for his prank, but a kind of justice and, of course, an outlet for that clown in him.

"Her name is Barbie, Magical Barbie, and she does little girl birthday parties and she's coming Saturday for your sister's birthday. You are going to be her assistant when she gets here. She's bringing dress up clothes for your sisters and their guest plus an outfit for you to wear. This isn't open for debate and if you refuse then you're welcome to accept being grounded for this March 1st." Chuck's mother noted.

Chuck looked at the brochure, frowned slightly but nodded his agreement. He had crossed the line slightly this time and spending a month in his room for it was justified. He agreed to a day as Barbie's assistant and would wear whatever Barbie brought. Chuck also promised to be good for the sake of his sister's and their friends. His mother hugged him, but he wasn't sure why.

Barbie, and her name really was Barbie, arrived at eleven. Chuch had spent the morning decorating the living and dining room while his mother had the girls out shopping. The party would start at noon and last till three. Chuck was looking at his outfit after helping Barbie bring in the two trunks of clothes she used for the girl's Princess dress up theme.

That outfit wasn't for a boy, not even a clown boy and Chuck noted that as she held up the almost liquid looking bibbed short alls. Those short alls were done in a shimmering hot violet and the contrsting blouse in a dark teal. There was a clown wig in pink and it had two bows already set on either side.

"Try those shoes first!" Barbie said after she introduced herself and asked if he was going to be her assistant. Her assistant would be Prissy The Clown today. Chuck said he was and that's when she began bringing out his outfit. Those shoes were girl's Mary Janes in a black patent leather over lace socks. The shoes fit and, according to Barbie, so would his outfit if his mother was right on his size.

Chuck was in his room dressing which began with a pair of light pink nylon panties that "puffed". That was the only way to describ them because they were designed with a sort of batting material sandwiched between those two layers of nylon. "To give him girlish hips!" Barbie had noted after telling Chuck that Prissy The Clown was, in fact, a girl clown.

Chuck sat at the kitchen table after dressing to get his clown nose, a touch of light pink lipstick and two hearts drawn on either cheek. Barbie was in a pastel pink little girl's dress made of the same fabric as Chuck's short alls and he wondered if her dress was also lined in nylon like his short alls. They didn't feel nearly as bad as he imagined although, he mused, he looked every bit as prissy as the name implied.

He greeted the girls with a "Surprise" yelled as they came into the house. There was an outbrust of laughter at the sight of their brother dressed the way he was and an instant sense of excitment for the girls as Barbie introduced herself. Chuck's mother stood in amazment at her son's performance and of course over his outfit. He was so damn cute she told Barbie when she had a chance to thank her.

"He's a natuarl!" Barbie noted. She also noted she had two more bookings from this party and oddly enough the two women asking, who also knew it was Chuck, requested that he be part of their parties. Chuck's mother laughed again but noted that it would be up to Chuck. Obviously it wasn't nearly as painful for Chuck as his mother had anticipated and that made her laugh as well.

Chuck did agree to be Prissy The Clown for Barbie and it was with a touch of irony that Chuck spent most of that Summer doing what he did so well. Actually, it was almost impossible to tell he wasn't a girl clown and the children loved his antics.

Ironically, Chuck's sisters also enjoyed watching their brother dress for his days as Prissy the Clown. His new outfit, the one they liked best, had a cute little skirt, way too many petticoats and ruffled bloomers. As it happens that was also the outfit Chuck like performing in most times.

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