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Occupational Hazards

Not every boy likes dressing as a girl or for that matter playing the role of baby. Unfortunately it's not always their choice! That's the case with those you'll find here. Most of these young men are simply victims of what is called Occupational Hazards.

They called themselves the Sassy Boys Blue Grass Band. They were good but there are a lot of good bands. Getting booked was getting harder. That, they said, was the reason they took the gig and perhaps it was - at first. Of course when the cruse ended they were known as the Sissy Boys Blue Grass Band.

The Sissy Seat is not designed to punish a boy per se. It's designed to give them a moments reflection without any of the trappings of masculinity that they've come to know. It's very difficult to be aggressive or disruptive when you are wearing panties, a slip, a little girl's dress and Mary Janes.

Chatworth's Detention was never talked about among the boys. However, there were rumors and those rumors were scary. Skip's questions always went unanswered. He'd heard about the dresses and and some other things as well. He wasn't a bad kid, but he just had to know!

Photo Shoot begins when a woman named Helen suggest to Frank that he pose for a book being written by a woman named Carol. A book on Petticoat Discipline. The history of petticoat punishment and discipline. Frank agrees not knowing he is going to be the source of Carol's research.

Just Clowning Around was chuck's favorite excuse for his pranks. Most times they were harmless. Occasionally, as he did on April 1st, Chuck crossed that line. It was only going to be fair that Chuck cross another line. Only thing Chuck's mother didn't count on was Chuck staying on that other side.

Potty Training begins when John's aunt catches him using her garden as a bathroom. He's there for Fall to help clear some of the foliage that is overgrowing the nearly three acres his aunt owns. He was right near the fence at the back when the urge to potty came over him and he wasn't about to walk all the way back to the house. He should have.

SRS or social readjustment section as it's named is a special place set aside for a unique form of detention. There are some who believe that petticoat punishment in both a figurative and literal sense will benefit some boys. Sheriff Presser is one of those who believe.

Reading Assignment An article in the news started it. Some teacher in Europe said that boys would read better if they were dressed as girls. Mark's aunt even showed him the article that same evening she showed him his new dress. Funny thing is Mark did start reading better.



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