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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Bath And Beauty - Page 100

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Bath And Beauty

Bed And Breakfast

"Been a long time since I've seen a boy doing that!" She said as casually as someone might over a cup of coffee discussing just about anything. Too casual given that Chuck was trying to quickly step into a rather large pair of light pink panties that were obviously her's.

"The news mostly!" She said looking as if she was trying to remember the last time she'd heard something on the subject as she added: "Couple of programs on television as well."

"Funny how things work themselves out!" She said, and then suddenly smiled as she added: "Damn lock on that door hasn't worked right since I was a girl. Caught my brother the same exact way as it happens. Of course that was quite a while back now. Guess the only thing that's changed since then are the clothes."

Chuck stood there still trying to balance on one leg in what had to be a very silly looking position when she said: "Tell you what! You just stay right in here and start yourself a nice hot bath. Use them crystals in that lavender jar there in the corner. Like I told my brother then, if you're going to do something like this you might as well do it right!"

Chuck didn't know what to say although it was obvious he didn't need to say much. It was clear that this sort of thing wasn't as shocking to her as it might be to anyone else. Obvious as well was that her brother had been a cross dresser and that made Chuck a little less sacred, but still very apprehensive. He wasn't keen on taking a bath let alone a bubble bath, but it didn't seem that he had much choice.

"You start that bath yet?" The woman said peeking into the bathroom.

"Yes ma'am!" Chuck said hoping his cooperation would mean something. Her knowing was bad enough, the world finding out would be far worse. It was a huge tub but the rush of water was rapid and it filled quickly with mounds of bubbles and steam. He quickly and gingerly stepped into the almost too hot water.

"Love those bath crystals myself!" She said coming into the bathroom and added as Chuck began to realize what she was holding: "Going to start you in some of my sister's things. She was so darn big back then.

Chuck was looking at a diaper. Two diapers actually and a snap-on pair of light pink plastic panties with a bit of lace around the leg openings. There were two pink tipped diaper pins and a container of Johnson's Baby Powder. Chuck sat up quickly in a panic.

She looked stern suddenly as she said: Not right taking something from someone no matter the reason so these here are going to a kind of punishment. I'm going to use her pink baby pants and diaper pins since you like girl stuff, but for now these are going to be as close to panties as you'll wear for a time. At least they are girl's clothes.

My brother didn't like these much either so I'm comfortable with this being about all the punishment you'll be needing. Now then, just so you don't think me too unfair, I'll do your face with a moisturizing mask, and set your hair before letting you pick a slip and dress. We can do your makeup after the slip and before the dress. Least that way you'll still get to feel a little girlish.

"You ever have a moisturizing? Makes your face as soft as that bottom of yours is going to feel after I powder it!" The woman said as she opened a small drawer below and to the right of the sink.

Chuck wasn't sure if he was suppose to answer or not. He wasn't sure of anything suddenly. It was a nightmare when she caught him, a dream come true for a short amount of time when she said she was going to get some clothes and now this? She was going to diaper him but first moisturize his face and set his hair?

"You stay at any other bed and breakfast places before this?" The woman asked as she began moving her fingers over Chuck's face but added before he could answer: "Just nod sweets so you don't crack the mask." Chuck nodded no.

"Well, your in for a real treat then, because I make the absolute best fried chicken this side of the Mississippi and that's not just bragging either. My mash potatoes are as silky as that slip you'll be wearing and I've won about a half dozen ribbons with my apple pies." The woman said as she wiped her hands.

His face felt like it was getting tighter, after she applied the soft creme to his face, before she picked up a large pink towel and began wrapping it around his head.

"Don't need this yet but this will make you feel a little more girlish till we can shampoo and set your hair. Leave this mask on for about fifteen minutes then scrub real good. Wash your hair twice after that, then use that conditioner but don't rinse it before calling me. OK? I'm going to go start the potatoes." She said as she fixed the pink towel so it was set in place.

Chuck was looking at the two diapers: One he guessed was a soaker the other a regular diaper. He also spent some minutes looking at those pink plastic pants. They were far larger than what a baby might wear even a big baby. He wondered over those as the water lulled him into a calm.


"Hey sis! It's me! You busy? Because, I just caught my only guest at the moment trying on a pair of my panties! That's what I said! No, he was in the hall bathroom! I know, I told him about the lock, I think? Don't be silly I've got him dead to rights. What do you think I'm going to do?

Of course I'm going to dress him up, but he's going to be wearing your diapers and plastic pants under his slips and dress! I thought you might like that! No, don't hurry, take your time, he's still in a tub full of bubbles." The woman said as she cradled the phone between her neck and ear.

She was getting the chicken ready for the frying pan and humming. She was thinking of that day almost twenty years ago when she had called her sister in from the back yard to see her brother in panties. They'd played with him most of that day.

Although her brother really did liked most of it, he had hated being a baby girl, but then again he'd taken her panties. Wasn't right to steal no matter what the reason, she mused as she turned again for the bathroom and her guest. His stay, she decided, was going to be just a bit more than a little bed and breakfast.



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