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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Bath And Beauty - Page 101

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Bath And Beauty

Sentenced To Shampoo

Seattle Washington - March 5, 2004 Association Press: What appears to be a young girl in a new dress getting her hair done is actually the first day of a sentence in what can be described as the oddest sentence every handed down by a municipal judge. Mark Franks, also of Seattle, was sentenced to twelve weeks of Saturdays, doing what he is doing today, for his part in what an assistant district attorney noted as a collage prank gone bad.

Mark Franks, a student at Seattle State, shown here with his guardian, begins his first Saturday serving one of the most unusual sentences ever handed down by a municipal judge.

The boys had intended to streak naked through this one particular beauty shop scaring the patrons. Fortunately they were not actually naked since the three boys were wearing flesh colored body stockings. Unfortunately, the back door of that salon had been blocked by a carpenter's truck fixing that very same doors frame as the boys began their prank. Ms. Albright, the beauty shops owner and testifying on the counties behalf, was able to tackle Mark Franks and hold him for the police.

Mark was booked into Seattle's county jail on one charge of being drunk and disorderly which was pleaded down to a public nuisance charge. As part of that plea he agreed to this unusual sentence which will, when his time has been served, expunge his arrest record. Mark could have received up to ninety days in the counties work farm.

A local dress boutique is providing the clothes for advertising considerations, although Mark is providing his own "panties" which his guardian noted "are suitable for those sorts of dresses". Mark, as part of his sentence, must present himself first to the beauty shop where Ms. Albright, the beauty shop owner, does his hair, nails and face before Mark walks next door to the boutique providing his outfits. Mark then spends the next eight hours "helping around the shop".



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