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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Seasons as Reasons - Page 100

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Don't You Just Love Spring?

"Oh gosh! Don't you just love Spring? I remember those days! A pretty new dress, white gloves with somewhere to wear it and show myself off. She's adorable! Good heaven's, that's not Rebecca is it?" Helen asked looking at the picture on Marge's mantel. It was new since she had last visited for tea.

"Rebecca? No! She's almost twenty three now. You're getting senile in your old age and you're not even old yet." Marge said laughing.

"But that dress looks familiar? And thank you for at least admitting I'm not old, which is a good thing considering you're two years beyond me. Isn't that Rebecca's dress?" Helen asked curiously as she tried remembering where she had last seen it.

There was a long pause as Helen thought and suddenly she had it: "Easter Sunday. That Easter we had that little trembler coming out of the Church! What was that a 3.5 that day? Yes, that's it. I remember that dress! That is Rebecca's dress. OK, so if that's not Rebecca then who is it?"

"You met her coming in!" Marge said smiling mischievously.

"I did? Where? No I didn't!" Helen said.

"She was doing her homework on the front porch." Marge said.

"And you have the gumption to accuse me of going senile! The only person on the porch, my dear, is your young boarder what's his name. Mark something!" Helen said.

Marge's smile broadened slightly but it only made that mischievous look even more mischievous as she said: "I know."

It took a few seconds for the connections to be made and Marge laughed as she watched Helen's face contort from curious to slightly surprised to shock as she said: "NO WAY! That girl can't be older than what? Twelve, thirteen and I'd say even younger if I was betting on it! Impossible!"

Marge continued to smile as she allowed her best friend to come to the obvious conclusion. She was truly relishing this moment.

"HOW? Wait a second! You're not... NO! You wouldn't. That was years ago! This isn't Brandon all over again is it? Marge, if you don't tell me what's going on I'm going to scream!" Helen said.

Marge's face softened as she looked towards the front door and windows. Helen followed her gaze as Marge looked back and said: "OK, but not a word that you know it's him. Not a hint or I'm in big trouble. The only reason he's allowing me to even have this picture is because I promised not to tell."

"It is him then?" Helen asked looking intently at the picture. That smile was the same, as were those eyes. It was him only you had to compare them side by side to know that. Helen was still in a daze over it. It had reminded her so much of Brandon when Marge hinted it was her boarder.

"It's him. We took that picture a couple of weeks ago and no, it's not Brandon all over again although I wish it was and the only reason it's not is simply because I haven't had the guts yet to invite him back into that little dress." Marge said.

"So tell me how you got him to dress like that? Where is that?" Helen asked.

"We took that picture at the South end of the school library in the morning on a Sunday. We picked Sunday because of the dress mostly. Less conspicuous if people assume she, or rather he and I were going to church. I dressed up to match his look and took the picture." Marge noted proudly.

"How? Why? I mean is this the same sort of thing we did with Brandon?" Helen asked almost savoring those memories now suddenly so vivid.

"How first! It was suppose to be his initiation for a fraternity only they insisted on getting a copy of this photo or one of several we took and he refused. He had to dress as a little girl and find a public place for a picture as proof. Ergo that picture!" Marge noted happily.

"So it is Rebecca's dress then?" Helen noted and moved in before adding: "And those adorable lace panties? He didn't wear those did he? I mean are those the panties that went with that dress or am I looking at the slips?"

"He wore the panties. Wore a swim suit under them, but yes, he wore the panties. Damn near attacked him right then and there after he was dressed." Marge noted.

"I would have! Gosh we had so much fun that Summer. Poor Brandon." Helen said with her own mischievous smile.

"Poor Brandon my bottom! He loved every minute of it no matter what he says of that Summer!" Marge noted.

"I know! That was pretty obvious. I hear rumors that he's even cross dressing." Helen said.

"So have I and the last time I saw him I even asked. You could have cooked an egg on his cheeks." Marge noted.

So how did you end up putting him into that outfit. He looks so convincing." Helen said.

"Told him it was the only little girl's dress I had of my sister's. When he told me what he had to do I instantly thought of that dress. Found a pair of strap shoes and dyed them to match. We got up early and I helped him with the dress after he put on the panties and slips.

Drove right to the library which didn't open for another couple of hours and snapped that picture. He does look good as a little girl doesn't he? That wig I had made all of the difference and believe it or not he's only wearing a tiny bit of eye shadow and blush." Marge noted.

"So now what?" Helen asked with a touch of envy in her voice. They had shared Brandon that Summer and there was a glimmer of hope of doing something like that again.

"Just told him yesterday that I found a lot of my sister's clothes or most of her dresses from that year that the yellow dress came from. Kind of hinted that if he was interested he was more than welcome to take whatever he might need. Hinted that he could keep the yellow one or any of the others for Halloween." Marge noted.

"Did he take the bait?" Helen asked.

"Funny thing is he said he'd take a look. I thought for sure he'd say no thanks and that would be that." Marge said and added: "Told him I didn't even know what was in those boxes after this long.

"Well that tells you something!" Helen noted.

"Sure does! Very telling! Anyway, I made sure there were lots of panties and a few slips in those boxes. Had to buy some of those, but got the frilliest I could find." Marge said.

"And?" Helen asked.

"And what?" Marge said teasing.

"Marge!" Helen said in frustration.

"He took a pink pair of panties, and a very pretty lavender set, and one of the new slips. Of course he doesn't know I know. He did say he might keep the yellow dress for Halloween as well." Marge said smiling.

"So it could be just like Brandon in those days." Helen said.

"Very much so. Heck, I'll bet if we went to his room right now we'd find those things fairly quickly!" Marge said but added: "Which, unfortunately, we can't do?"

"OK, so we can't search his room, but we could have a little party? A 'dress up' party. I haven't entertained for a while so I'm due. I could set up a theme so if you were to invite him he could dress. I'll bet he takes the bait!" Helen noted.

"Great idea, but too many people. We'd never get a chance to play even if we wanted to." Marge noted.

"No people! Just you, him and me! I'm going to apologize profusely when you arrive over forgetting to call you that the party was moved out two weeks. Of course since you're already there I'll invite you to stay for a nice dinner and lots of wine. Lots of wine!" Helen noted.

"Excellent! Yes, I think he will take the bait. Now all I've got to decide is what to bring over before then. At least that pink dress for sure. He'd look so cute in that. He could be our little pageant princess in that one." Marge noted almost licking her lips.

"Frankly, I'm still kind of hung-up on that toddler look of Brandon's. Couldn't keep my hands off of him when we started diapering him." Helen said wistfully.

"I'm more of the big sister, little sister type. Never could get into that mommy baby thing you two had going. OK, so it's obvious for the pink dress and I'll pack away a few of the baby things for your sake. Now all I've got to do is invite him." Marge said.

"Well, do that right after I go. I've got places to go and people to see!" Helen said hugging her best friend.

"I will. Call me later!" Marge noted.

"Have to. I need your RSVP." Helen said laughing as she grabbed her purse. She greeted Mark who was still typing away on his lap top. Several books were open on the large glass top table.

Marge waited a couple of minutes for Helen to drive off before she came out on the front porch and asked: "Hey, you interested in a costume party this coming weekend. Helen puts out quite a spread and I need someone to go with me."

"I don't know? I mean sure, I guess so? Is there a theme or just costumes?" Mark asked looking up from his books.

"Theme? Oh yes! Helen is famous for her themes which is why I thought of asking you. She's going to have a tea party and everyone, including the guys have to come as girls. The girls of course have to dress as guys. I was thinking we do that little girl look for you. The one we did for that fraternity initiation." Marge said.

Mark made a face and took a moment but it was clear he was going to say yes. A moments thought for effect and Mark said: "Sure. Hey, she doesn't now about that other thing does she?"

"Not on your life, I promised. I honestly don't think she even noticed that picture." Marge said.

"Oh good. OK, so when is it?" Mark asked.

"Saturday night! Do you like wine?" Marge asked.

"Love wine! Why?" Mark asked.

"Helen likes her wine a lot. Listen, when she gets a little tipsy she gets a little forward if you know what I mean so don't let her advances scare you." Marge noted.

"Saturday's fine and not to worry about that other part." Mark noted as he went back to his studies.

"OK, so I'll help you dress about an hour before the party." Marge said more as a test of Mark's willingness.

"Work's for me!" Mark said looking up from his lap top.

"Should be fun!" Marge said and then added: "Now all I've got to do is find me a guys tux."

...And your baby things! Marge noted under her breath.


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