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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Seasons as Reasons - Page 102

Mary Beth's Fantasy is rated PG-18: Home (Introduction) Menu (Contents)

Irish Spring

Tim was celebrating becoming an adult and that freedom he'd gained. He'd planned a leisurely trek around Europe before collage started. He met the woman over his first meal in Ireland and found her almost a stereotype of what he imagined of an Irish Las. He also decided a few days stay in a countryside cottage an attractive idea. A sort of old fashion bed and breakfast she'd said. Far better than a hotel and cheaper as well.

It was once, she noted, walking him through the small cottage, a caretaker's home refurbished just two years ago before she bought the place. He had taken the tea gratefully before handing the glass back just before their tour.

A newly thatched roof and white wash made the place look almost storybook. The elderly gentlemen who once cared for the place had won some sort of contest making him comfortably rich and both he and his child simply walked away soon after.

Maggie O'Shay apologized for the lack of dresser or closet space saying she didn't have the heart to clear it of it's quantness. At least not yet and Tim was welcome to move things for whatever space he needed. It wasn't necessary Tim had noted and found those small bits and pieces quaint. He also discovered a somewhat sparse and simple room, but clearly meant for a girl. It was rather pretty. He felt odd saying that even to himself.

It was surprising to discover as well the clothes still there. He would have guessed the girl, or any girl for that matter, would want to take her clothes with her. Although he also imagined that were he to suddenly become rich there would be few things he'd care to take as well.

It wasn't all that he was imagining after opening the top dresser drawer. There was an attraction to those things he began moving. An urge he tried fighting for a time as he unpacked.

Why a girl might leave her dresses hanging in a closet could be reasoned but a drawer full of lingerie seemed odd. Odder still to find most everything a girl might wear, although that wasn't the most odd as he held one of the dresses up to his chest. It might even fit he mused taking the edge of the dress in his right hand to hold the skirt out. Tim twisted right and left smiling.

Tim envisioned this girl once skipping happily in a dress like that along the country road just a few hundred feet from his cottage. He envisioned himself suddenly skipping along that road and wondered why the urge to try that dress on was so strong. Too strong to ignore as he laid the dress on the bed to fetch the slip. Almost a dress itself as it rustled to rest on the comforter.

He chose panties and a pair of tights to match the dress and found the bra to match the panties. It took some minutes and his hands were shaking by the time he had gathered the slips over that lingerie. The dress followed and he smiled with a nervous twist of his lip at the image of a feminine boy looking back.

Tim had never dressed as a girl before and wondered, in a detached sort of way, why he was doing so now. This urge to do so stronger than anything he'd ever felt in those minutes after seeing the dress and just as strong now.


Another boy, the son of the man that owned the pub shivered as his father patted his hand.

"It's nearly an hour past!" His father said looking at the old clock on the mantel. Both had watched the woman walk out with the American.

"She's never gone this long?" His son said glancing at the door nervously. His son! He snorted over that. More like his daughter he thought bitterly as he tried not thinking of his boy dressed as a girl.

"That other young man, the one she took with her, may very well be the one?" His father said not daring to hope.

"If that is so father will I return to normal? I mean will I want to wear pants again?" The young boy asked fluffing the dress he wore.

"I don't know son?" The father said looking at his only boy looking every bit the girl he was dressed as. It was his turn and like all of the boys in the village did what he had to do to keep the witch happy.

"Should I change?" The boy asked.

"No! If she was to come and fetch you and find you not dressed she might get angry." The father said drawing another pint to a customer's wave.

That customer, the father of a son not too much older than the bar owner's boy also took his turn at the witches doll house. He too hoped that the young American might satisfy her.

As this went on Tim was already dressed as the witch came in.

"Tis a wee bit of dress, but very fetching on you!" Maggie said coming into the small room where Tim stood.

Tim was beside himself over his state and had no idea what to say over why he was standing there as he was. Only that wasn't the only emotion racing through him nor were all of his thoughts fear in those seconds. He was attracted to her and in the worse possible way in those seconds as she smiled.

"Come up to the house and I'll make us some more tea!" Maggie said extending her hand to Tim.

Tim moved to take that hand feeling elated, frightened and confused. His dress rustled loudly as it had going on and the soft crispness of his taffeta slips teased his legs as she guided him towards the door of his cottage.

"I don't... I honestly don't know why I'm wearing these things?" Tim said trying to find an explanation for what he was doing.

"I know!" Maggie said and added: "You're wearing these things to please me."

"Oh!" Tim said smiling over that but not sure why as he asked: "Does this please you?"

"Very much so!" Maggie said as she turned to the young American and added: "More when your hair grows longer."

Tim nodded his understanding and shivered a little as he felt the urge to skip along the path to her house.

Maggie smiled at the eagerness of her young American. Of course he'd gotten her witch's brew directly. The other boys, the boys in the village, got theirs from the well. It only had an effect on boys, but that she mused, was because she was a good witch.

She might even stop adding it to the well if this one turns out ok she pondered, but then laughed. She laughed because so many of the boys in the village looked forward to being her little girl.

Some even did so even without the brew.


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