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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Seasons as Reasons - Page 103

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Southern Comfort

The note was in a small envelope in Chuck's assignment box. That note read:

"Your performance today, as young Charlotte was one of the best performance I've had the pleasure of witnessing since becoming commander of Hickory Academy. Congratulations. My only regret is not being there for the last act so I could have congratulated you then.

Duty, unfortunately, called me away before I had an opportunity to extend my personal thanks for a performance will done. Fortunately I've found myself with a bit more time this evening and would like to extend to you an invitation to dinner. I would also like to request that you come dressed as Charlotte once more for that photo opportunity we missed this afternoon.

Carol Cooper"

Any other boy would have frowned over such a request but not Chuck. Chuck smiled. Chuck smiled because once again he would have a chance to wear that dress. How ironic he thought as she stepped into the satin pantalets he wore under those petticoats and that gown.

Ironic because not too long ago his step father was telling him that he was going to Hickory Academy for his own good. A military school would toughen him up a little and heaven knew that Chuck needed some toughening up. Only there he was, not too long after arriving, getting his face done for the role of Charlotte in a play called Southern Comfort.

Hickory Academy was a military preparation school. Most boys attending went on to join the service. Most boys went on to join the service although not Chuck. Chuck would someday design dresses for the women he so admired. Someday Chuck may even become one of those women he so admired as he worked the dress over his head.

That was what Julie saw as she began rehearsals for the play. This new freshman was a natural she mused as she helped him into his makeup and gown. He could also act she noted as she had him read his lines. That last was mentioned to Commandant Cooper who laughed over Julie's teasing.

Julie knew the Commandant's taste for young men just as she knew the reason for the note from her occasional lover that she slipped into Chuck's assignment box. Chuck was nervous as Julie helped him prepare for dinner that evening.

"Just be yourself and ignore what you are wearing." Julie noted.

Chuck nodded but snickered slightly to himself at the irony of that as well. He was being himself in those things and it would be impossible to ignore what he was wearing. He didn't want to ignore what he was wearing as he gathered his chiffon skirts to walk the two blocks across the large expanse of lawn to the Commandant's house.

"I'm watching him walk this way right now! He's beautiful!" Commandant Cooper said after getting the call from Julie that Chuck was on his way as she added: "Oh, and thank you for those other things as well. By the way, that little girl's party dress is to die for!"



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