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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Seasons as Reasons - Page 104

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Sentenced To Easter!

As a prank it ranked about the lowest of the low. However, as one of the guys put it, it was something to do and their target for that afternoon was already known.

That group of women gathering in the warm afternoon sun was ad hoc and the second year they'd done this. Four hundred eggs had to be hard boiled, colored and decorated before Easter Sunday for the nearly fifty children who would be rushing about in their new clothes gathering those eggs.

Among those women was Judge Tammie Harris who owned the spacious house, District Attorney Carol Broaden and real estate agent Tracy Allen. Tracy Allen, as it happens, had won the Iron Woman Decathlon when the girls were sorority sisters. That was twenty years ago although Tracy could still give a good accounting of herself.

Unfortunately that was the group the guys had targeted to flash that afternoon. Mark, who drew the shortest straw, would be the flasher as Frank moved the car near the privacy fence. Mark, now naked, took the fence easily as Frank readied the car for their get away. John was doing the video as Mark headed for the three wrought iron patio tables and those ten women.

Most women would scream at the sight of a naked man running towards them. These women didn't and perhaps that should have given Mark a clue as he neared that patio. It was Tracy who decided to do something and few men could move as fast as she could. In the game of foot ball, it's called a tackle as Mark went down on the freshly mowed lawn.

As it also happens Police Chief Carla Evans was just arriving. John, who was taping Mark saw the black and white just as Mark was nearing those patio tables. John didn't see Mark get tacked as he jumped into Frank's car. Better that only one gets caught than all four Frank said as he sped off.

Mark was still sitting on the lawn and still naked as the women gathered around him. There were fifteen women present making that fifteen counts of indecent exposure. Fifteen counts of indecent exposure and trust passing. District Attorney Carol Broaden would definitely prosecute and she would ask for fifteen months of confinement she noted.

Judge Tammie Harris nodded her agreement but didn't think fifteen months would be enough noting that two years sounded better. All that was really left was for Police Chief Carla Evans to book the young man. Which was only delayed in those moments till they could find something suitable for him to wear for his trip to jail.

It was that "something suitable" that caught the attention of Rose Martin and she laughed. She had a very large boutique full of those "something" suitable for this young man she noted. A quick set of questions on his size took five minutes and a fast run into town using the Police Chief's car took ten minutes each way. It took another fifteen for Rose to gather those "suitable" things.

In just over forty minutes the ladies were laughing again as Mark stepped into the panties before his white tights. Actually he wasn't going to wear any of it but, as it happens, it was the lessor of two evils or so said the judge. Mark could, if he chose, be booked into the country jail naked which Judge Harris didn't recommend, or he could dress and help them finish decorating their Easter eggs.

If he dressed and spent the rest of that afternoon helping with the eggs, and again on Easter Sunday helping with the children's Easter party, the women agreed that they would drop their charges. There really wasn't much choice Mark agreed as he took the panties from Rose.

The ladies watched him dress there in the middle of the lawn. The wig was a nice touch according to a couple of them and Rose laughed because she said the mannequin on the floor of her boutique looked like a little boy. She laughed again given what was taking place with the young man before her.

Mark wore panties, tights in a blue to match his dress and a little girl's slip that cost almost as much as the dress Rose noted. The shoes were slightly snug but not painfully so and after Rose tied the dresses sash Mark was invited to the table.

"You do that bunch there!" Judge Harris noted as the women went back to their decorating. Mark took up an egg and dipped it into the warm vinegar and dye and the egg turned pink.

It was nearly eight before all of the eggs were finished and by that time Mark was beside himself over his plight or, to put it more accurately, the lack of it. He felt wonderful and not too long after he'd started the women forget who or what he was.

"He's so damn cute!" Judge Harris said to Carol Broaden.

"Just thinking that myself." Carol noted as she took a glance at the pretty young man.

"How you getting him to his dorm?" Carol asked.

"I've got a cute lavender pair of overalls and a pink tee-shirt he can wear. Better than his little dress at least." Tammie noted no longer feeling very judicial.

"I've seen that look before!" Carol noted as she nudged her best friend in the ribs.

"I know! Never could figure out why putting a guy in a dress does this to me but it does." Tammie said with a shrug.

"So, I'm guessing I'll be seeing this young man around the place pretty soon?" Carol asked.

"No, but if I have my way, you'll most likely be seeing my niece visiting me on occasion." Tammie noted with a slight leer on her face.

Wonder how he's going to take it?" Carol asked.

"About being my niece?" Tammie asked.

"About being sentenced to Easter!" Carol said as she snorted a laugh.

"He'll get time off for good behavior, but it's going to have to be really good behavior!" Tammie said with her own chuckle.


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