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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Seasons as Reasons - Page 105

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A Bonnet First!

Hi mom!

Suppose your wondering over that picture and yes, it's your grandson Rick! By the way, he wants you to know you can't complain about him "not" dressing up for Easter anymore. He does look cute doesn't he! Anyway, before you show pop this photo it might be helpful to know that he's not suddenly becoming a girl. At least his sister and I don't think so, although that smile on his face was genuine and he stayed that way for most of the day.

Anyway, thought I'd send this for a laugh and it all started with my old Easter Bonnet! Do you remember that bonnet you fashioned for me for school one year? Had to be the fifth or sixth grade. Well, I found it in the attic with that stuff we took home with us on our last visit. Had completely forgotten about it till I was Spring cleaning things out up there.

Well, that's actually what started this! We were just sitting down to lunch and I'd brought the bonnet down from the attic. Had it sitting on the counter when your grandson walks in with his sister. That sarcasium started right then although I think it was my remark that helped. I told him you'd sent it so he had something pretty to wear for Easter. Remembering when he was joking about having to wear a suit and not something cute. So, he plays along and starts jumping up and down that he's got his very own bonnet for Easter.

Suddenly his sister is getting into the act suggesting he wear that adorable little dress with the bunnies you made for her a few years back. She was so darn heavy back then that it was sure to fit. Brings back memories doesn't it. It is till very pretty and if I hadn't put my foot down she'd most likely still be wearing it.

Turns out the colors match pretty well and before long Tracy has added a pair of pink socks. The slip that she used for the dress and her new pair of pink Mary Jane shoes. Rick, still as sarcastic acting as we are, insist he's not wearing anything unless he gets Tracy's bunny to hold. Of course Tracy is off like a shot and in no time has given Rick her bunny.

Well, one thing leads to another and before we know it he's in Tracy's room putting himself into that slip and dress. Damn near wet myself laughing when he came back out. Oh, and you definately don't want to tell pop what he's wearing under that slip and dress. Believe it or not he did add those ruffled tennis panties I was making Tracy wear when she had nearly outgrown that dress.

I added the bonnet and we marched him out to the patio (it's getting warmer sooner this year I should note) and took these pictures. That second one shows a bit of the lace on his panties since he's not very girlish on bending over. Make sure dad has taken his heart pills before you show them to him and you might not want to show the one with the panties showing. I remember how angry dad would get when he would catch sis and I dressing up Mark.

Anyway, we will be coming up there for Thanksgiving as planned. Spencer has already put in for vacation. I'm going to close now, but I wanted you to see thise pictures of your grandson all dolled up as your granddaughter. He's going to wear this outfit for Halloween so we're going to keep everything.

Give my love to dad.

Your's loving

Post script: Grandma Evans laughed as hard as her daughter and soon after she got the pictures and read the letter she mounted it in a pretty little girlish frame. She did wonder about Mark and if he was anything like his uncle. Mark's uncle, her son, as it happens, never needed much encouragment to wear a dress and, in fact, still doesn't.


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