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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Seasons as Reasons - Page 106

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Victory Garden

Mary Ann was prissy. For a girl that wasn't a bad thing, but for a boy about to wear her clothes it was. Wearing anything that belonged to a girl was a bad thing, but wearing something of Mary Ann's was worse. Mary Ann loved pink.

Pink and cute filled Mary Ann's closet and drawers. Steven's mother noted that as she and Mary Ann's mother began picking through Mary Ann's things. They were looking for something suitable for Steven to wear.

Wearing something of Mary Ann's was part of Steven's punishment for stomping through her garden. That act of destruction would have gotten him punished anyway, but he added insult to injury teasing her as well. Unfortunately his mother drove up with Mary Ann's mother just as he started chanting "Mary, Mary, How Does Your Garden Grow!"

Steven was mad because Mary Ann had bested him again. She was, in spite of her femininity and prissiness, far stronger than he was and that irked him to no end that day. That came right after she pinned him on the kitchen table arm wrestling. He had teased and then she had teased suggesting he be the girl and she the boy since he thought might was always right and boys always mightier than girls.

Steven's mother hadn't heard that part or their argument, nor did she know what led up to Steven's temper tantrum and taunting in Mary Ann's garden. All Steven's mother knew, as she climbed out of the car, was that Steven was trashing some very healthy plants and taunting a very distraught Mary Ann.

He was led by the ear into Mary Ann's kitchen and his mother was furious. They were visiting and he had no right to do that and, as far as she was concerned, he was going out there that very instant to make things right. Only Steven got slightly defiant and very sarcastic when he reminded his mother that he was in his Sunday Best.

He was right of course, his mother noted, but with a mischievous grin as she did so. That's when she turned to Mary Ann's mother and asked if there was something suitable of Mary Ann's for Steven to wear. Mary Ann's mother was sure there was but she'd have to look and Steven, with his mother holding his ear again, followed them into Mary Ann's room.

The overalls were a very pretty pink and the top had Cinderella on it as the two mothers continued their search. A pair of white strapped shoes that Mary Ann used for play fit. There was a Disney Princess sun visor that followed, and the only thing left, his mother noted, was underwear.

Princess panties were selected from a drawer Steven almost fainted over when Mary Ann's mother opened it. A cute camisole to match was found and both Mary Ann and her mother left to allow Steven to be dressed. His back was to his mother as he stepped into the panties and only turned then after the camisole was on.

Steven's mother helped him into his Cinderella top and overalls, even fitting the visor on. He wore knee high nylons and those strapped shoes before his mother nudged him from the room. There was a light snicker from Mary Ann and a smile from Mary Ann's mother as Steven entered quietly.

"I'm sorry!" Steven said after his mother suggested an apology. An apology she warned would keep him out of Mary Ann's dresses after he fixed the garden. With the apology made Steven was led to the garden and while he raked the broken plants into a small pile the women and Mary Ann had tea.

What the women and Mary Ann didn't know was what Steven was thinking and what Steven was thinking wasn't what most boys might think. What most boys might thing wasn't even close as Steven fought the smile threatening to give his thoughts away. He was wearing panties and while he wasn't wearing a dress what he was wearing clearly belonged on a girl.

Steven was in Heaven, musing over his clothes as he moved slowly along that original path of destruction. It was Mary Ann who noticed that odd grin on his face that the mother's seemed to miss. Mary Ann was watching intently after that and Steven was definitely happy about something.

Steven was also remorseful over what he'd done. He liked Mary Ann and felt bad over trashing her plants and wanted to tell her that and decided he would when he had the chance. He was also off the hook with his mother when the two hours passed and he was called in.

He might as well take his shower and change into his pajamas his mother said as she went into her guest room to change for their night out. She had asked if he was going to fight with Mary Ann any more and the answer was no. The kids could order pizza the mothers noted as they headed for dinner, the theater and some catching up.

Meanwhile Steven was in his shower as Mary Ann quietly opened the bathroom door. Steven was behind a pink plastic shower curtain deciding on the strawberry shampoo or the peaches and cream as Mary Ann laid out another pair of panties that went with a baby doll set.

Steven saw those instantly when he slid the shower curtain aside. His own underwear and pajamas were gone and he knew it had been Mary Ann's doing. "VERY FUNNY!" Steven said thinking Mary Ann had done that as a joke.

"I thought you might like to try those!" Mary Ann said from the other side of the door.

"Rubbing it in?" Steven said looking wistfully at the bubble gum pink baby doll top and bottoms.

"Actually no. I mean I saw your face while you were gardening. I just thought you'd like to try something else besides what you wore today." Mary Ann said.

"What about my face?" Steven said in a slight panic.

"You were enjoying yourself!" Mary Ann said.

"No I wasn't!" Steven answered.

"Why do boys have such a hard time admitting to stuff like that?" Mary Ann said.

"We don't, because we don't like stuff like that." Steven said in defense of himself and all men.

"You didn't like wearing my panties?" Mary Ann asked.

"No! Why would I?" Steven asked.

"Because they feel nice that's why." Mary Ann said and added: "You don't dare admit that do you? Got to be macho all the time don't you? It's all so silly."

Steven stood there in the bathroom hearing the words and gauging the tone and wishing as hard as he could that he was stepping into those panties.

"OK, so they felt nice! You happy!" Steven said giving in to the whole scene that was unfolding.

"Yes and thank you for sharing that. It's one of the reasons I like you. So what about that other stuff?" Mary Ann asked.

"What about it?" Steven asked with more excitement in his voice than he planned.

"You going to try them or what?" Mary Ann asked.

"Guys can't! It's like a major rule or something." Steven said with a touch of sadness in his voice.

"Who's rule?" Mary Ann asked.

"Guys!" Steven said.

"No guys here but you and, as far as I'm concerned, those rules don't apply here so why should you be hung up on them?" Mary Ann asked.

"I don't know?" Steven said caught between wanting to wear those things and not daring to.

"So?" Mary Ann asked.

"So?" Steven shot back.

"So, do you want your boy's ugly old cotton pajama's back or you going to try mine?" Mary Ann asked.

There was a noticeable silence then. "Well?" Mary Ann asked.

"You won't laugh?" Steven asked.

"Laugh at what? You being slightly more feminine and enjoying it? No, I won't laugh at that. I think you're a very cool guy who also doesn't always follow the same rules most guys follow. So do it!" Mary Ann said.

It was all Steven really needed and a moment later his head felt light as he pushed a foot into the nylon bloomers. The few rows of ruffles went to the back and thankfully the nightgown was full enough and just long enough to cover his excitement. Although he was hesitant to step from the bathroom.

"Come on, I'm hungry!" Mary Ann said banging on the door.

"Fine!" Steven said taking hold of the door knob and opening the door.

"Now that's cute on you!" Mary Ann said. Steven's hair was matted giving him a ballerina look as she suddenly wondered what he'd like like in her dance outfit.

"Not sure about this?" Steven said.

"Hey, don't go there." Mary Ann said.

"Go where?" Steven asked.

"You know good and well that you want to wear those things and that I want you to wear those things so why fib. You do like them don't you?" Mary Ann asked.

"OK, yes! Yes I do, you happy?" Steven said.

"Actually yes. Yes, I'm very happy but I'd be happier if you tried on one of my dresses." Mary Ann noted.

"Why?" Steven asked longing for that.

"So you can be more like a girl." Mary Ann said flatly.

"Oh?" Steven said not sure what the difference would be between this stuff and a dress but wanting desperately to wear a dress.

"Come on and let's see what you look like as a girl!" Mary Ann said taking Steven's hand.

"Besides..." Mary Ann noted suddenly before adding: "....I'm not sure you're ready for that kind of exposure."

Steven blushed crimson at the remark and his state that still showed under the two layers of baby doll top.

"Hey, that's OK, we can fix that!" Mary Ann said as she stopped, turned and kissed him. Steven kissed her back.

Post Script:

Pizza didn't get there until eight because it was an hour before it was actually ordered. Steven was beyond anything he'd ever known and Mary Ann was still teasing him as she helped him into another dress. By the time their mothers got home Mary Ann also knew what Steven looked like in a ballerina outfit.

Her last words to Steven, now in his pajamas but wearing another camisole and pair of panties to bed whispered: "So we're agreed then? You're going to be the girl and I'm going to be the guy while you stay here?"

Steven jumped a little when Mary Ann pinched his bottom playfully but he nodded a yes as he entered his own guest room. His baby doll set was waiting for him as planned and he smiled as he pulled it from the dresser. He was going to be the girl he mused.

Meanwhile Mary Ann looked out over her garden and smiled: She'd had won the ultimate battle between the sexes she mused, and laughed a little. It was all because of her garden as she whispered to herself: "My victory garden!"


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