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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Seasons as Reasons - Page 109

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Wearing Of The Green

It was a silly bet but good for a giggle from the girls. Come Friday morning Tim had to have something green on or forfeit his Saturday wearing borrowed greens of one sort or another. In the Paddy household "Wearing of the Greens" was tradition and no one messes with a Paddy tradition.

"Mom," Tim yelled from the room he was using.

"What," His mother answered a minute later.

"Where are those green shorts I packed," Tim asked.

"You're asking me? You packed your own bag," Tim's mom noted.

"Mom, that was the only green thing I had," Tim said.

"Well, can't help you and breakfast is nearly ready," Tim's mother said fighting back the smile that was teasing at the edges.

"But the bet," Tim said in a panic.

"Oh, right? Forgot about that. Better find something green to wear or you'll lose," Tim's mother said.

"That was the only green thing I brought with me. I didn't exactly pack by color," Tim said.

"Then finish getting dressed and take your hits with dignity because the girls are sure to remind you of that bet you made," Tim's mother noted.

"I know that! OK, fine, so I take a hit and wear something of theirs! What's the worse that can happen," Tim said laughing at the prospects of Saturday being a little embarrassing.

"Good boy! Now come on and let's go to breakfast," Tim's mother said patting her son lightly on the top of his head.

And the girls waiting for this moment as Tim walked into the kitchen.

"He's not wearing any green," Cindy cried out happily as she began clapping her hands together. The other girls noting that very same thing joined in...

"He's not wearing any green," They chanted.

"Looks like you've lost the bet," Tracy said happily.

"Looks that way," Tim said smiling as he sat at the kitchen table. His aunt was laughing and all of his cousins were still giggling.

"Big deal," Tim said and added, "so, what's it going to be? A dress or what?"

"Depends on what the girls come up with," Tim's aunt said as she placed a plate of eggs in front of him.

"Girls? Just one girl," Tim noted.

"No, the bet was that the girls would provide you with something green if you didn't have green on when you came down this morning," Tim's mother noted.

"Right! Some thing as in one thing," Tim said.

"Wrong! Something as in one thing from each girl," Tim's mother noted.

"OK fine, have it your way, one thing from each girl," Tim said shrugging. The girls continued giggling occasionally throughout breakfast.

Tim was outside playing by the rock wall as the girls began adding their contributions to Tim's outfit.

Cindy gave up the hat her mother had bought. Tracy's bra and panty set, now dyed green was her offering. Carol's cutest little half slip, also dyed with Tracy's bra and panty was her gift.

Morgan, since she knew that her and Tim wore the same size shoe provided her light green Mary Jane shoes and with it a pair of dyed to match socks.

Jennifer's plaid skirt tied closed with a green satin ribbon would go with Sandy's blouse. Sandy's blouse had a cute satin bow at the neck to match the skirt.

Tim saw all of this Friday afternoon just before dinner and laughed nervously as his aunt and mom stood at the door.

"You're not really serious about these things," Tim asked of his mother.

"Afraid so, and don't forget your bubble bath in the morning," Tim's aunt noted.

"Bubble bath? Nothing was said of a bubble bath," Tim noted.

"Green Mist! It's my contribution since I'm one of the girls," Tim's aunt said laughing.

"And I'll do your makeup," Tim's mother noted.

"Let me guess? Green something or other right," Tim asked.

"Green eye shadow," Tim's mother noted with a smile to match his aunt's as she added, "should have made sure you packed something green for our visit."

"I did! I mean I was sure I put my green shorts in my bag," Tim said as the girls finished bringing their things to his room.

Tim was left there alone at bed time with his outfit now gathered for his Saturday. His mother had asked, as had Tracy if Tim would need help with his bra in the morning. The answer from Tim was a very quick no.

"I've started your bubble bath," Tim's mother said knocking on the door of Tim's room. Tim said OK and smiled as he tossed back the covers.

He was wearing Cindy's Barbie nightgown over Tracy's bra and slip. He knew the girls would make that same silly bet again this year and this year he'd lose.

Tim lifted the mattress just to confirm that his green shorts were still there where he'd hidden them as he took up his robe.

"You think he forgot those shorts on purpose," Tim's aunt asked of her sister.

"He didn't forget them. Found them yesterday under the mattress where he'd put them. I knew he'd packed them," Tim's mother said.

"You're kidding," Tim's aunt said slightly shocked as she began to realize what that might mean as she added, "so what are you going to do about that?"

"Nothing to do now but make sure my cross dressing son spends the day Wearing Of The Green." Tim's mother said laughing as she began laying out Tim's makeup.

"But then what? I mean are you going to talk to him about this," Tim's aunt asked.

"Yes, of course I am, but not till tonight. I'll talk to the girls as well if that's OK and then perhaps we can spend the rest of our vacation here with Tim Wearing Of Some Pinks."


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