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Mary Beth's Fantasy - A Little Bit Country- Page 100

Mary Beth's Fantasy is rated PG-18: Home (Introduction) Menu (Contents)

Camp Whatchamacallit!

Six hundred acres of cool mountain water, canoes, row boats and a diving platform made John shudder with anticipation. Mark too was excited as the bus climbed towards Camp Whatchamacallit. Of course Mark wasn't thinking of the lake or anything else but of being a girl again.

"You think they are going to make us take square dance lessons again?" Mark asked trying to look and sound disgusted.

"You mean are they going make half of us wear dresses again?" John asked.

"Ya, that too!" Mark said almost in a whisper.

"Man, I hope not!" John said but added: "Although knowing Ms. Eve it's a given!"

"I suppose so!" Mark answered and feeling giddy over the thought of it.

"That woman is a nut case!" John said.

"Tell me about it!" Mark responded as he imagined himself once more in Ms. Eves bedroom.

Mark was one of twelve boys that had to dress as girls for their square dance lessons. There were twenty four boys in all last year. All twenty four had lined up and every other boy stepped forward under Ms. Eve's direction.

Those twelve stepping forward, Ms. Eve said, would be the girls that night for the dance lessons. The following night it was the other twelve boys. Their dance lessons lasted for six nights so Mark wore a dress every other night for three nights.

Of course it wasn't just the dress or rather his white blouse and skirt that sent Mark off into his fantasies but the petticoats, camisole and those ruffled lace pettipants. Mark had stepped into those pettipants and was instantly taken by the look and feel of them.

To make that moment last Mark volunteered to stay after and help with the clean up. Ms. Eve even gave him a nice white eyelet pinafore to wear over his dress while he cleaned. There was always at least one boy who could appreciate what she wore she mused watching Mark move about happily.

Years ago it was her brother, then a boy friend and another. There was always one and last year it was Mark. Finding that one particular boy wasn't difficult if you could find a way to get all of the boys into dresses. That's when she suggested a kind of fun way of teaching boys to square dance while they were at camp.

Each year was the same and only took an hour or so to discover which boy was that one particular boy. Before long Mark found himself sitting at Ms. Eve's kitchen table playing with her makeup. A short time later, after she taught him what it was like to kiss with lipstick on, he was in a nightgown.

It was the best Summer of all for Mark. That's what he was thinking of as the bus pulled up to the main building. Ms. Eve was there with the other staff and Mark blushed as he caught her eye.

"Hello Mark, is my little girl back again this year?" Ms. Eve asked in a whisper while stroking the outer edge of Mark's ear.

Mark, flushed and felt the butterflies forming as he nodded an embarrassed yes.

"Well, that's wonderful because she has some new dresses to wear for the dance this year." Ms. Eve said. Mark nodded and moved off to greet the other camp councilors. John was next in line and he took on a pink glow as he came up to greet Ms. Eve.

"Hello John!" Ms. Eve said and added: "Welcome back."

"Thank you Ms. Eve." John said.

"Is my little baby back again this year?" Ms. Eve asked.

John's demeanor changed in an instant as he said: "Yes mommy!"

"How wonderful that is! I have your diapers and ruffled baby pants all ready for you!" Ms. Eve said softly before sending John on his way to the other councilors. John felt weak as he moved off.

Another boy, just behind John walked up and smiled.

"Oh my goodness!" Ms. Eve said before adding: "And look who is it! Hello precious. Does my little sissy maid still remember how to curtsey?"


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