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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Virtual Pageant Softwear

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Virtual Dress Up

You are really there!

sample"We've got seven days. In seven days, if we can't find the bug, that's it! One point two million dollars invested and it gets flushed, if you don't do this! One million bucks, and our jobs and you're standing there hung up on wearing a dress?" Dr. Bland said in utter digust.

"It's not just the dress!" I said ignoring for the moment the cost, the project and Dr. Bland's comments as I added: "It's that slip, those panties and silk stockings as well, or did you forget those?"

"I haven't forgotten and, in fact, that's the point! We think it's static from the nylon, silks and organza not to mention the satin. Static that builds up as you move! We're not going to know that unless you're wearing those things and moving!" Dr. Bland said.

"OK, I understand that but why can't you have a girl doing this?" I said looking at the gown on the rack, the slip next to it and those panties neatly folded over the silk stockings.

"Because, you're our resident expert in electronic emissions. You can hear and see the build up in the Vertual Reality Heads Up display just before it goes. What I want you to do is wear those things, move about and lend an expert ear to that buildup! I want to fix this before the company comes in for their trials." Dr. Bland said.

"Fine! So now what?" I asked.

"Go over there and get dressed and I'll have the program uploaded. Susan can help you with the slips and dress. Do the panties, stockings and suspenders first, she'll show you those, then the bridaly slips. That last slip, the noisy one, is last.... It's got the registration points for the infared pickups. That's where the swishing sound comes in. The gown goes over that. When you are dressed come over here and we'll get you into the heads-up display. OK?" Dr. Bland asked.

"Fine!" I said walking over towards the woman Dr. Bland had nodded to. She was smiling. She was holding a pair of panties that would scare a sissy half to death.


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