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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Virtual Ballerina Softwear

Mary Beth's Fantasy is rated PG-18: Home (Introduction) Menu (Contents)

Virtual Dress Up

You are really there!

BallerinaOur Virtual Ballerina program is a girl's favorite and that includes a number of boys as well. You get a lycra and nylon leotard, tights to match and a tutu that will make you want to dance forever. Our shoes lace up with pink satin ribbon - of course.

If you are a boy you begin by dressing under the direction of your instructor standing there before you on how to wear tights and a leotard. She then shows you how to step into your tutu or chiffon skirt before lacing your shoes on.

When you are finished dressing your instructor takes you through your warmup exercises with the other girls and from there a half dozen dance steps to practice. You can learn up to thirty six positions before taking on several popular ballets.

Makes a great exercise program as well!



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