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The History of Virtual Fantasies
By SoSweetSoftwear

In the series "Star Trek" there evolved a technology and environment called a holo deck. It was the ultimate in Virtual Reality whereby individuals could interact with almost any type of setting. However, long before then, hundreds of years before then there was VF or Virtual Fantasies.

It began in a small electronics lab by two individuals who wanted a "play" program for little girls. At the time both women had daughters and playing dress-up, once their reality, left them with fond memories of those days. They wanted those same kind of memories for their daughters and four years later Virtual Pageants was, in a word, a reality.

Virtual Pageants was their first!

Other programs evolved and before long So Sweet Softwear was formed. Softwear was a play on words because little girls wore their own outfits to play in these fantasy worlds. A mixture of clothing softwear and programming or software. So Sweet was added because these were programs, as one mother noted, that were "so sweet".

The first boy to play in these "environments" wasn't by design, but came from an astute marketing manager after receiving a letter asking if So Sweet Softwear programs would hurt a boy playing as a girl. That question led to the discovery that if they could get boys to play in what was once strictly for girls then their market was automatically doubled.

Thus began an advertising campaign to encourage boys to take a walk on that softer side. In this set of works are examples of some of those programs that have made So Sweet Softwear and their Virtual Fantasy clubs so popular. In their quarterly report following their annual stockholders meeting they showed a fifteen percent increase in sales from male participation.

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