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Mary Beth's Fantasy - My Shirley Temple Fan Page

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Shirley Temple Fan Page

What can I say about Shirley Temple that hasn't been said of her already. She was, and is, America's Sweetheart and, even after all of these years, my heart throb. I've adored her for as long as I've been dressing like her and that's nearly for as long as she was dressing like her. For that reason, and all of those moments she's given me, I dedicate this section to that little girl that grew up leaving me happily that little girl still.

Good Ship Lollipop

You simply can not know about Shirley Temple and not recognize her music or that particular one at least. It was about an airplane and I've got the words right here! I've also included a picture of Chuck Aspin who performed it.

A Very Faithful Shirley Temple Fan

I've been a fan for a long time and once, long ago I had a chance to dress just as she did in that adorable little pokadot dress that's so much a hallmark of her's. So this is my version of that day as a very faithful fan

Shirley Timple Fan Club

There are only two rules to be a member of this Shirley Temple Fan Club: First you've got to be male, and secondly you've got to sometimes not want to be. Actually there are three rules if you attend any of the meetings because your not allowed in unless you're dressed like Shirley! As If!

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