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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Shirley Temple Fan Club - Members

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Shirley Temple Fan Club For Boys

I've adored Shirley Temple since I can remember and that's getting to be a while now. She was the perfect little girl and the things she wore use to leave me in a delightful daze of daydreams when I'd walk home from one of her movies. I did join a fan club years ago and a doll fan club some years later but drifted away. So I thought I'd start one here. A fictitious fan club strictly for boys and those mothers of boys who would love to see their sons dancing and singing across the stage in a very pretty dress. The only rules for joining this club is that first you must be a boy and second you must not look or act like one.

Mark Adams, the sixth member to join did so reluctantly. At least at first, and at his aunt's insistence. It was a pair of panties missing from a costume that prompted their first conversation and that slip bunched oddly behind some boxes. It was obvious that the two different circumstances were connected and just as obvious that he needed to take it a step further. Given the dress it was also obvious where those steps would take Mark. He joined after his aunt called that Friday.

Carl Mathews, the fifth member didn't set out to be a member of the Fan Club. Actually he simply asked if his landlady had an old dress he might borrow for his fraternity's costume party. She promised to look, only she didn't. She made it while Carl was at school. The slip, panties, and shoes she purchased telling him she's had all of it for years. It wasn't so much the dress or slip, but those panties and not so much those but his landlady's teasing that took things a bit further than he'd planned.

My first member is Andrew Carter. A young man from the mid West who's mother has been dressing him like Shirley Temple ever since she saw that child's first movie. It wasn't until Old Clair Foster retired that anyone knew that Andrew's mother actually permed and dyed his hair like Shirley's and more than a few thought Andrew was some sort of odd nick name for that pretty little girl that so often played down the street.

As the story goes Timmy Smith, the next member to Join, was teasing his sisters over something about dolls and dresses. His mother, at wits end, simply dragged him off, put him into one of their party dresses, gave him a doll and made him play for the day as a girl. It turned out not to be punishment at all and Timmy can be every bit the little girl his sisters are.

Every mother brags about their child. It's a mother's right to brag over a son but John Weather's mom has a right to since he's been dancing from the age of five. She's also very proud of his outfits that she created for him over the years and that was right as well. The outfit he wore for his club picture is one of several that she still pins him into she noted happily.

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