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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Wish Books page 01

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The ad had been a joke put together by Tim for the two women teasing him in the finished art department. A joke he more or less started when the girls, sharing their wishes with each other, asked Tim what he wanted for Christmas. He laughed and said in a sarcastic tone that he wanted a Saucy Walker Doll and a dress to match! All three had been working on a simalar ad layout but of course using a little girl.

It was nineteen fifty five and the Saucy Walker Doll was in it's second year. The ad, or rather the original was done with a girl holding the Saucy Walker Doll. A little slight of hand and Tim fashioned a new ad with a boy now holding the doll while announcing that he was wearing a dress just like his new doll.

They all laughed until that following Monday when Ms. Filbright called them into her office. It had turned out that the phony ad was the one that ran in the four major newspapers of the time. Of course the company making the Saucy Walker Dolls wasn't very pleased over that ad nor was Ms. Filbright who had to calm them down and spend most of the profits on both a retraction and new ad.

Tim kept his job but that was only because he swallowed a large amount of pride in doing so. Actually, thanks to Ms. Filbright, Tim got that wish! In fact, Tim got his very own Saucy Walker Doll that Christmas as well as a dress to wear just like hers. Tim got that doll, that special little dress, slip, panties, shoes and socks and a whole day posing for a couple of new ads that Ms. Filbright insisted on.

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