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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Wish Books page 02

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John's mother found the ad in John's dresser drawer under his tee-shirts. It was an ad for the Saucy Walker doll. She was one of the new "playmate" dolls that were becoming so popular.

Of course she was a doll and only girls played with dolls. Only it was in her son's dresser drawer. It wouldn't have made any sense had she not found that pair of girl's panties a few weeks back.

John had told her he'd accidently packed those panties when they left his cousin's on Thanksgiving. An excuse she'd taken at face value then. It was clear now it hadn't been an accident.

It was a very odd few days those days just before Christmas. John and his mother lived alone so there was no reason for those boxes addressed to someone named Joan.

Even more mysterious was John's mother who refused to explain who Joan was or why she had Christmas presents under their tree. Of course John imagined him being Joan and that large box a doll while trying to figure out what was really in that box and who Joan really was. A mystery right up until Christmas morning when John opened his last present.

That's when his mother insisted he open that first box addressed to Joan. It wasn't the large one standing upright but another and when it turned out to be a dress John was even more confused. He was shocked a few seconds later when his mother told him that was his dress and that Santa knew about his Christmas wishes. A slip followed, then panties and a pair of those Mary Jane shoes girl's wore.

He was silent for most of the time it took for his mother to help him dress and it wasn't until he was dressed that she let him open that last box. That last box he'd imagined as a doll and it was. It was a Saucy Walker doll and she was dressed identical to John. Or rather Joan as his mother noted.

So it was that while a number of children were outside that Christmas morning riding new bikes or trying new skates none of them were John. John, as it happens, was on the floor of his living room telling his new doll how wonderful she was, how pretty they both looked and how perfect this Christmas had been.


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