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Sew So Sweet Patterns By Mary Beth
Transitional Clothing For Boys In Transition


Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty comes to us from Japan and is a staple for most little girls in that country. It's gaining popularity here, as well as, in other parts of the world. So I thought a boy in transition would like wearing something pretty to lounge or sleep in. No matter where he lives.

This Hello Kitty Sleep Set is based on a Chinese "Cheongsam" in a powder blue brocade satin with colorful floral trim. Of course it's not a little girl's sleep set without that cute Hello Kitty Embroidery.


Tom has yet to legally change his name or declaration, although he prefers Tina most times. Tina is name he would have had were he born a girl and the name his mother would like to someday see on his driver's license.. Tina is learning to become a translator and hopes someday to work as an interpreter for the United Nations. Tina fell in love with Hello Kitty while traveling abroad with her mother. A fitting model for this outfit that spans the world.



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