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Scary Dreams


Each night, when we close our eyes, we give ourselves over to a wonderful story teller. A story teller who knows every facet of our life. Every aspect and without any censoring.

A life recorded, day by day, day after day, in exacting detail. A library of things cataloged almost since we began. All of this enhanced by each of our senses. Scenes with more detail than any other, filed away for future use.

And it begins each night. It begins the moment we close our eyes, and give ourselves over to that story teller. A story teller who, with an imagination equal to the task, always makes the impossible seem possible.

On occasion, and thanks to the wonder of such things, we dream the impossible. A boy becomes a girl in all manner of ways. When that happens how can you not wake smiling.

A Different Path

A Place To Dream

On Being A Princess


Petticoat Punishment?

Guest Room



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