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Mary Beth's Paper Dolls For Boys
Martin Series

I began creating paper dolls when I was very young. Catalogs that would be tossed out would be retrieved and taken to my room. These Wards, Pennys and Sears books were my first sources for these early creations. I'd set in my room carefully cutting out and pasting the lucky boy I'd chosen to be the girl I was or wanted to be. When he was ready, and on cardboard, I'd begin going though the catalog pages. Those pages of lingerie and dresses and even toys (girl's toys) and before long I'd have a whole set of things for him to wear and play with. Now so can you!

This is Martin. Martin is your average teenager with all the likes and dislikes of a boy his age. Although unlike most teens his age he's found himself in a number of situations that also finds him wearing things not typical of a boy. Not typical for a boy his age or for that matter for a boy at all.

What those situations become are best left up to you and your imagination but first you've got to cut him out and of course cut out those things he's going to be wearing and playing with.

What follows are the basic Paper Doll pages for this set that I call the Martin Series:



Some basic instructions first: Each page that follows (click on the thumbnails to go there) are quick loading views with connecting full sheet size pages (large file sizes). You should print each page the same when you print them. This will make sure that all pages are the same size thus making Martin and his new clothes or accessories the same size.

After you print Martin and his things out and to make your doll and clothes more durable to play with glue him and those things onto a firm sheet of cardboard. White drawing boards (for water colors) are thick enough but not too thick to cut and not too expensive. You should glue the entire sheet that you've printed out onto the cardboard before cutting.

What I like to do for each doll set is cut them out, glue them on stiff cardboard then create an Envelope for the doll and his things. In some cases you may want to place them in a binder so I've created a "Front Page" for that binder. Another idea is to use that binder and buy those inserts with the pockets then place the "Front Page" in a clear plastic sheet protector to identify and separate your collections.

What follows then are the links with two views: One "smaller view" to sample first if you like them or not without taking too much bandwidth and another "full size" image suitable to print. That full size is very large. And with that said here is the

Martin Series Paper Doll Book:

Please note that these paper dolls are original works
and are copyright protected.
They cannot be reproduced for sale or display
other than for your own personal entertainment.

Front Cover
[preview Image][printable Image]

Base Doll Body And Faces

[preview Image][printable Image]

Pink Party Dress, Slip And Panty Set

[preview Image][printable Image]

Night Diaper and Waterproof Pants Set For Bed Wetting

[preview Image][printable Image]

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