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Joe's First Day At School

Joe Carter turned to look at his clock, reaching over to hit the button just before the alarm went off. He'd been awake since five laying there another hour imagining his whole day. He hadn't slept well but didn't suffer from it and smiled over the reason for that.

It was the dress hanging on his bedroom door. His dress he thought. How ironic that was and how fitting that his mother and he had decided on that one. It had been the dress he'd been caught wearing almost two years ago.

What a day that had been. His mother should have been gone long enough for him to have played a bit in that dress, but she'd forgotten something. He had played, was playing when his mother found him. Her panties, her slip, her dress and her doll and the silence that morning was more frightening than had she screamed.

The conversation began with that simple "what are you doing?" Nearly two hours later, after most of his mother's questions were answered there was still that uncomfortable silence. Her son wanted to be a girl. Her son had been wearing her clothes for a long time as it happens. Her clothes and clothes from a dozen others over those years.

It took a few months of discussions with a therapist that confirmed what his mother already suspected. Joe wasn't going to outgrow this desire he had and the best his mother could hope for was a daughter that would someday emerge happily. In a lot of ways she'd known this side of him.

She had seen how he played with the other boys and often in agony at the girlish way he ran or threw a ball. He was always too feminine and the brunt of some teasing till they had moved two years ago last Spring. Their new neighborhood had five times the ratio of girls to boys so Joe's playmates were mostly girls and he flourished.

She'd noted all of that but ignored it. He was most likely gay she decided and someday she'd have to deal with it. That day came when she found him happily talking to her old Patti Play Pal doll wearing the dress her mother had fashioned for her on her eight birthday. Her doll Patti wore that same dress.

Her son, older by a half dozen years fit easily into that dress which amazed her. There was more amazement as that morning grew into the early afternoon as they talked. He had worn nearly all of those dresses stored away in the attic and played with nearly all of her dolls. She officially met Joann six months later at the suggestion of Joe's therapist.

A sort of reckoning that day as Joe's aunt helped him get dressed so he, as Joann, could meet his mother as her daughter. It was a luncheon planned so she could see the little girl she was still having trouble understanding. Her sister, a woman far more tolerant than most people, wasn't surprised at all that she had a niece.

So many things had come up missing that the logical person had to be Joe and it had been. His cousin took to Joann the fastest because she often thought of her cousin as that girl he wanted to be. The wisdom of a child never ceased to amaze their adults. Joe chose the name Joann and his mother began using it soon after their luncheon.

Joe and Joann lived two lives for a time but they slowly merged in that first year. Nearly everything that Joe had often dressed in now shared space with most of what Joe normally wore but a lot of girls, his mother reasoned, had pants. Their first trip to a beauty parlor together came after their first trip to a dress shop and to Joe's credit no one in either place knew he was a boy.

It got easier and harder after that. Boys teased and most girls accepted Joann. When Joe's mother read about the School for Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered Students she was there before Joe even knew about it.

It was a special school for special children designed so those children could learn about life while living it. What was different at that school was that those children no longer had to hide and when Joe was told of such a school it was Joann that jumped up and down. He would be a freshman that year with the only difference his school clothes.

Joann adored being prissy and feminine and what better dress to wear that first day than the one that Joe had worn for his mother's first day of discovery. The only difference were the panties. A kind of offering from his mother. A layer of satin under a layer of nylon designed to make him feel as girlish outside as he was inside.

She had painted his nails the night before and fixed his hair in curlers that made her shudder at the thought of sleeping in them. His hair was now a sandy blond and softly curled or would be after his bubble bath that morning. Barbie Bubble bath beads with Barbie after bath powder before his Barbie after bath spray.

He rose and met his mother at the door heading there to wake him. "Is my little girl ready to face her first day of school?" She asked hugging her daughter.

"I'm nervous!" Joann said happily.

"Of course you are! Go start your bath and I'll get your lunch made. You want eggs?" Joann's mother asked. It was such a casual question but that matter of fact voice and the routine helped. Joann nodded walking off as her mother did. She wore her Barbie nightgown over one of her I'm A Big Girl Now disposables.

Those were added a while back. The therapist had explained it carefully one day when it was brought up. Joe was still a boy learning to be a girl and that sexual tension was there because those dress up sessions were intensely erotic at first. That would change as the boy got use to being a girl and the best thing, besides ignoring what was happening, was to assist the boy in hiding those accidents. It was all perfectly natural and a pull up disposable, till those times passed, was a perfectly logical choice.

There was a fresh diaper and Joann's new panties laying next to her Barbie towel when Joann entered the bathroom. The bubbles grew with the hot water filling the room with a feminine aroma that left Joe happily Joann with little to regret. Her bath first, the power next and that spray of little girl perfume before the disposable and those panties to hide it.

His mother held off on the eggs as she joined her daughter in her room. Her slip first then the curlers were removed. Her dress followed and a soft pink brush softened the curls she teased around his large pink hair bow. She didn't need much makeup but makeup was a girl thing so her mother made sure there was at least the steps.

She fashioned the long sash into a pretty bow and added the white socks before her white patent Mary Jane shoes. Her new books were already in her Disney Princess backpack and there was a tube of lip gloss in her purse with a hanky, fifteen dollars and change in her pink coin purse.

"Come on young lady and lets get some breakfast in you! Most important meal of the day!" Her mother said patting her from behind. Joann smiled at the image she shared at the mirror before her mother gave her that pat. Breakfast was like any other with that one big exception making it impossible to ignore.

The door bell rang as Joann help finish cleaning the kitchen.

"Hi!" Rick said smiling at his transsexual friend. Rick was gay and a neighbor and that was only important because Rick was also going to that new school and one of the few boys that didn't tease Joe that Summer. Susan was standing just behind Rick and as pretty as Joann was. Susan was also gay and the three had become fast friends after Joann's coming out birthday party.

"Bye mom!" Joann said turning to kiss her mother good-bye.

"Be good!" Joann's mother said fighting back the tears welling up inside of her. It felt the same way as it had that first day she sent her son into the class room. She smiled over that remembering how envious she had been over the little girls and their pretty dresses.

She'd wished for a daughter in a casual way and laughed out loud suddenly. She'd gotten that wish. She waved at the pretty little girl walking off to school. Her daughter waved back before joining her friends for that first walk. Each of them lighter in their steps as the reality of what was happening sank in. They started skipping together a moment later.

"TGIF!" Joann said.

"It's not Friday!" Susan said.

"Nope! TGIF is Thank God I'm Female!" Joann said laughing.

"Right on!" Susan said giving her new girl friend a high five!"

"How about me?" Rick asked.

"You want to be a girl?" Susan asked.

"Hell no!" Rick answered.

"Don't knock it till you've tried it!" Joann said laughing.

"Not me, I like pants!" Rick said as he gave the two girls his high five.

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