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Mary Beth's Fantasy - Sister's Sissy - Page 108

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Sister's Sissy Sister

To Have and To Hold

Carol had listened intently to her best friends accounts slightly shocked at some of it, surprised as well, but only because she had never guessed. Susan's brother, as far as Carol had known before this, was an normal as every other boy. "It's for your own good and believe it or not, they start liking it after a while." Susan said as she accepted the small album back from Carol.

Mark was coming to visit this weekend. His dad and he would be moving in on Friday of that following week. She didn't want a step brother, but that choice wasn't her's to make. That was her mother's doing since it was her mother that was going to marry Mark's father on Sunday.

Susan had told Carol stories of the changes she'd suffered through having males in the house. Having a brother suddenly. No more moving about in just her lingerie and the teasing, not to mention the bathroom and a seat always up. Only Susan suddenly changed in both her tone and attitude and quickly grew more secretive as Carol felt herself becoming a co-conspirator.

The album was at the bottom of a desk drawer. Designed in a pastel pink for "Baby's First Pictures" as Susan handed it to Carol without speaking. Susan had closed and locked her bedroom door before fetching the album and it took a few pictures before Carol understood why. It was Susan's brother and in all of the pictures he was dressed as a girl. A little girl in some and the last few as a baby. Carol's mouth opened but she didn't speak.

"Like I said, it's for your own good." Susan said after telling Carol how she had trapped her brother wearing her things then began making him do so routinely. A silken trap that her brother fell into easily and has remained trapped to this day. Susan demonstrated what she meant by having control when she called out to her brother for two sodas ASAP. Her brother knocked once on the door, handed in the sodas and left in silence.

Carol had set about to do what Susan had done and was satisfied that she'd done most of it to the letter. Her canopy bed, the one Mark would be using for one night, now had baby pink satin sheets and her best nightgown with it's matching chiffon robe almost matched the color. She laid that at the foot of her bed.

Carol's panty drawer was now sorted by her pastels first rather then by the whites. Her pinks and lavenders sitting on top as was a new slip in her slip drawer. Carol had purchased it because it too was pink. The only thing left to do was hit record just before she left for Susan's. She did that just after Mark arrived hugging her soon to be brother uncomfortably.

Mark's room wasn't furnished yet but would be a few days after the wedding. Mark wasn't happy about sleeping in Carol's room but there wasn't much choice. Carol, he decided, was a prissy little pain in the neck, but having a sister hadn't been his choice. That was his fathers doing and nothing could be done to change that. He had a step sister and that was that.

Mark turned in early kissing his step mom before doing so and stripped for his bath in Carol's bathroom. Carol would return on Sunday before Mark would return to his own home. It was sold and escrow had closed on Wednesday. He was visiting to get to know the area and his new step sister which was funny because Carol was at a friend's house for a sleep over. That, as it happens, was just fine with Mark.

Mark wasn't keen on baths but Carol's bathroom didn't have a shower. Curiosity was the only reason he opened and smelled the bubble bath. A small amount wouldn't hurt he decided and began smelling the soft flowery perfume in an instant of adding a few drops. He would have to take another bath in the morning he realized or he would smell like a girl.

It was intoxicating as he picked up the pink razor that had to be for her legs and curiosity again was the reason he did what he did. There wasn't much hair to begin with and it was the act of shaving his legs more than making them smooth that excited him. He did his chest as well. It was the satin sheets on his legs and chest that kept him excited. He wondered what a nightgown over those legs would feel like.

He'd need panties he decided not for the sake of wearing panties but for the sake of the nightgown he knew would take the brunt of his excitement otherwise. Although he knew his rational was faulty and smiled at the choices he had when he slipped the dresser drawer open. What other color for panties would someone chose but pink he mused.

It was being imagining, that nightgown on those sheets, and so much so that he removed the nightgown for a slip as well. Another layer of protection he rationalized but smiled over another layer of nylon. He would need to take both the slip and panties home with him he noted happily when he satisfied himself.

Everything was exactly as Carol had left it when she arrived home and sat her overnight bag on her bed. It was made but not to her standards although she was going to change the sheets anyway. She found the lacy pink panties gone first then that new slip and smiled as she sat down at her computer. The small nanny cam set into the eye of the cute little brown bear was not detectable and had not been moved.

Carol laughed almost too loud before catching herself. The little camera within the bear had been pointed at her bed recording Mark from the moment he arrived till that last moment he took to look around after making the bed. Carol had twenty six hours of video written to her new portable disk drive. Almost a hundred gigs written to the hundred and twenty it could hold.

It took Carol six hours to edit those twenty six hours down to two, but it was six of the best hours of her life and two of the cutest hours a girl could imagine. Mark had done a fair curtsey in front of her mirror which put him facing sideways to the computer. Although she had come pretty shots of him on her bed wearing her light lavender dress, petticoats and even her Mary Jane shoes.

Carol was also surprised that Mark had actually tied ribbons into his own long hair wondering, at the actions, if Mark did cross dress. It didn't really matter because even if he didn't that was going to change. A lot of things were going to change and Carol was ready when she met her new brother and father on that following Friday.

"Can we talk?" Carol said after Mark's father and her mother went off to check on the hall and arrangements.

"What about?" Mark asked following Carol to her room. He felt guilty over taking that slip and pair of panties but not as much after he wore them again for those first few nights back home. He would wear other things of Carol's he'd decided after he settled in his own room. Of that he was certain.

"Wanted to apologize first because I forgot to shut off my nanny cam. Oh, and I wanted to ask you if you wouldn't mind wearing a disposable diaper and pair of plastic pants to bed tonight. I've got them in my closet. I can change you after your dad and my mom go to bed. I just would feel better knowing you're wearing some sort of protection. To be honest, I'm not use to having a boy wearing my lingerie. Mind?" Carol said as she sat at her computer.

Mark's heart froze at the mention of a camera and he almost said she was full of it before she lifted the small brown teddy from the shelf. He saw the eye that was slightly different from the camera lens after he saw the small wire that went directly into Carol's computer.

He watched himself a moment later acting as prissy as any girl as the camera recorded his movements between Carol's closet and bed. He saw more than enough to know his father would have a heart attack if he saw just a fraction of what was on that disk. "Why?" Mark asked knowing he was trapped beyond getting out of it.

"Just did it so we have a better footing now that you'll be living here. I'm kind of use to things being the way they are and I'd like them to stay that way. Nothing heavy duty mind you, just little things like leaving the seat down on toilets and stuff like that.

In exchange for our cooperation I'm prepared to let you cross dress on occation." Carol said and then added: "With the exception of night time which I think is going to be better for both of us if you sleep in diapers and plastic pants. We can figure out how to do that as time goes on."

"I don't cross dress. All of this was just for curiosity sake!" Mark said in his own defense as lame as it was.

"I know! I also know that you were set up because I did that to you, only it's fair to also mention that you did all of that on your own. Look, it's no big deal and as long as you do as I say there is no reason your father or mom needs to know. OK?" Carol said.

"Like what?" Mark asked defeated.

"Like being a good little girl when I want you as a girl. Like being a cute little baby when I want to play mommy. Like, as I mentioned, leaving the seat down after you potty. None of this is major and none of it is going to be something you haven't done before. Only you wont be doing it by yourself. OK?" Carol said.

"Do I have a choice?" Mark asked.

"Yes! Would you like to wear my pink baby doll top with your diapers and baby pants tonight or that lavender one you wore the last time you were here?" Carol asked.

Post script:

Mark wore a tuxedo that matched his father's but under it he wore the same lingerie as his new sister did. A light pink camisole and a long leg pair of pettipants Carol had found shopping one day. She called those his boy slip for when he wasn't wearing a dress. Mark also wore nylons and used another pink razor for his legs that morning.

It was a beautiful wedding and a number of the guest smiled at how well the two children were getting along as they danced together. Susan was there as was her brother and Carol's discovery on those pettipants was now something Susan's brother had in common with Mark. Carol had also liked the idea of putting her brother into disposable diapers and the girls giggled over thier two sissy brothers standing off from each other.

The vows taken, it should be noted, had been written by the couple and spoken to each other as the two children looked on. Only Carol was whispering her own at the time: "And do you dear brother promise to obey me until I decide otherwise, and with those girlish under things you are wearing, as a symbol of my superiority, I now pronounce you Sister's Sissy Sister!"

It should also be noted in passing that Susan was right! Susan was right about Mark growing to like what he wore. Expect perhaps the diapers. He may never get use to those and his father was little shocked when Mark's step mom mentioned them. Not too shocked though because Mark had worn pull-ups for some time after his mother passed away. Although he was very young then.

Mark's father and new step mother decided to keep that between them and allow the boy to grow out of his bed wetting at his own speed. Mark meanwhile thought it was Carol buying that package of diapers once a month never knowing it was his step mom. Carol, of course, when her mother mentioned Mark's little problem, promised to keep it to herself.

Actually Carol had mentioned, in a very casual way, that it might be better on the environment if Mark was wearing cloth diapers instead of disposables, since he was already wearing diapers anyway. Carol's mom had nodded in agreement over that. She too hated throwing things away that couldn't be recycled.

Ironically, Mark never paid much attention to what his sister or step mom did most times. He paid even less attention to the fifteen yards of soft white cotton his mother brought home. He should have because under that bolt of thick white cotton was a pattern with a young girl and boy on the front and both were wearing diapers.



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