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Boys In Formals - Sunday Best

thumbnailGoing to Church as a girl and in your Sunday Best is only appropriate if you truly want to be a girl and like so many boys like me the only real question is what to wear. Actually that's hardly a question if you've stood on the steps of any Church on a pretty Spring Sunday watching the girls file in.

Those white satin or chiffon dresses gave me goose bumps and the boy here is about to do what only the girls have done up to now. Fortunately his mother, father, paster and most of the congregation that practice what they've been hearing have stood up for the pretty little boy taking his first steps as a girl that day.

He's in white as he should be starting with new panties, a very pretty and so very crisp taffeta slip before that buttery soft bridal satin dress. His mother did his hair and carefully placed the vail so it drapes his pretty face.

He's nervous and some of it because like the rest of the girls people are watching him walk in. He's nervous but then again he's no longer a he and perhaps that's why "she" smiles back at the people smiling at her. Or perhaps it's because she's in her Sunday Best.

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