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Boys In Formals - Opera is For Sissies


"Going to the opera was strictly something only a sissy would do!" Steve said when his aunt invited him. It had irritated her, but forcing a boy to do something he didn't want to do also bothered her. Which all became sort of academic when she found the panties.

"Panties are something only a sissy would wear!" His aunt said when Steve came home to discover his little stash now laundered and neatly folded on his bed. Since that meant Steve was, in fact, a sissy then it also meant he could most certainly attend an opera with her. That too she said in those moments. It was also clear, she noted, that he'd need something more suitable to wear with those panties.

He had one month she said as they drove to the mall. One month to learn how to conduct himself as a girl - or not!. He was, she made it clear, going to the grand opening with her and he was going in something pretty. Period! How people viewed him though was strictly up to him! He could be viewed as a pretty young girl or as just a boy in a dress!

His decision was easy given that he'd rather at least be thought of a girl rather than suffer the embarrassment of being seen as a boy. His aunt softened a little then and slightly thrilled at the prospects that loomed ahead of her. So it was that she decided on a different path and rather than drag him into that girl's store for a dress she made a call. Ten minutes later walked into Barbara's Boutique.

An hour after that Susan, who was now a very quiet Steve, walked into the dress shop. One month later, almost to the day, Susan and her aunt stepped out of the town car and walked into the Opera.

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